Mar 17, 2021

Dirty Honey - Interview 2021

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Formed in 2017 by vocalist Marc LaBelle and guitarist John Notto, Dirty Honey are an L.A. based Rock N Roll powerhouse that took active rock radio by storm when they released their debut single, “When I’m Gone” which placed the band on the Billboard Main Stream Rock Song Charts thus making them the first band to ever top those charts.

Dirty Honey is:

Marc LaBelle • Vocals

John Notto • Guitars

Justin Smolian • Bass

Corey Coverstone • Drums

 Marc LaBelle came up with the name Dirty Honey after hearing Shock Jock DJ Howard Stern interview Robert Plant.  Dirty Honey are managed by Red Light Management owner Mark DiDia who also just happens to be the manager for Counting Crowes.  DiDia was responsible for much of Dirty Honey’s success because he used his years in the music business working for such labels as Columbia Records, Geffen Records and Hollywood Records to promote the band in an old school way and Dirty Honey achieved all of their success without being signed to a major label!  

 Mark DiDia enlisted his brother, legendary producer Nick DiDia to produce the Dirty Honey EP and if you are unaware of Nick’s work here are a few records he produced:

Alice Cooper - “Trash”, Audioslave - “Revelations”, Bruce Springsteen - “The Rising”, Cinderella - “Night Songs”, Danzig - “Danzig III: How The Gods Kill”, The Gaslight Anthem - “Handwritten”, Korn - “Issues”, Mastodon - “Crack the Skye”, Pearl Jam - “Vitalogy”, Rage Against The Machine - “Evil Empire”, Stone Temple Pilots - “Core”, and much, much more.

 Dirty Honey have opened for The Who, Guns N Roses, Alterbridge, Skillet, and are hoping to hit the road sometime in mid 2021.

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Are you signed to a label or is the new record self released?"

Marc LaBelle:  No, we are still independent

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Is there any reason you have not signed with a record label?"

Marc LaBelle:  F*ck ‘em! (Laughs) No, I mean there is no good reason to sign to a label in this day and age.

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Many of the songs off your new record were performed live during your last tour, did performing them live before they were recorded help the band when it came time to make this record?"

 Corey Coverstone:  Yeah, definitely, like on how “Take My Hand” for example we started playing it in soundcheck also “Tied Up”, we finished a lot of things, the timing, so many things changed.

 Rock N Roll Experience:  "Marc, what made you give up playing hockey?"

 Marc LaBelle:  I probably should have given it up a lot sooner than I did but I’m still trying to make it in the NHL (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience:  "In Dirty Honey, how does the writing process work?"

Corey Coverstone:  There’s not really any single way we, point to any song on the EP and it’s just, the way it came together is just different. 

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Do you agree with Gene Simmons’ comment that Rock is Dead?"

Marc LaBelle:  (laughs) Nahhh, Gene Simmons uhh, we’re not dead (laughs) Gene is a little out of touch with what’s going on in the world today and in music.   

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Have you received your covid vaccine yet & if not, do you plan to?"

Marc LaBelle:  I have, I’m fully vaccinated and Corey is getting ready to get his first shot.

Corey Coverstone:  I’m having a hard time getting it.


 Rock N Roll Experience:  "Which song on the new record was the hardest to write?"

Marc LaBelle:  For me, lyrically it was the song “Morning” I was just throwing around a couple of different rhythms and for whatever reason it just…I wanted the lyrics that made the most sense and there were a few different takes on it.  “No Warning” because we couldn’t decide on the tempo.  It was kind of like a stripped thing, or it could have been a straighter song, “No Warning” is kind of like an Allman Brothers-y thing where it could be a box set piece.

Corey Coverstone:  For me it was “Gypsy”.

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Is the song “Another Last Time” about someone or is it a made up story?"

Marc LaBelle:  It’s kind of like every relationship I’ve ever had, I have a tough time saying goodbye forever.  So it’s kind of touching on that and it is about a specific relationship.

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Are you aware that “Take My Hand” has a guitar riff similar to “Cochise” by Audioslave?"

Marc LaBelle: No.

Corey Coverstone:  No.  We never listened to Audioslave’s record.

Marc LaBelle:  I thought it was more Zeppelin-ish guitar wise.

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Did you get to meet AXL Rose when you opened for Guns N Roses?"

Corey Coverstone:  Marc did.

Marc LaBelle: Yeah.  I got to hang out with him for a little bit, he was unique, and a very awesome guy.  Weird, obviously, I ran into him backstage and yeah, it was unique.

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Has anyone in Aerosmith heard your cover of  “Last Child” and if so what did they think?"

Corey Coverstone:  I have heard that Tom Hamilton did hear our version and gave it kind words.

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Do you have any plans to release the bands debut EP on CD?"
Marc LaBelle:  Yes

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Do you know when it’s coming out?"

Marc LaBelle:  I guess after the LP comes out.  We’ll see. 

 Rock N Roll Experience:  "Why does your bass player wear that Pulp Fiction shirt so much?"

(Marc & Corey Laugh)

Marc LaBelle:  Because he doesn’t have many clothes (laughs). I’m going to ask him and I will email you the answer.
Corey:  He’s actually wearing it today (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience:  "Will Dirty Honey tour in 2021?"

Marc LaBelle:  Yes.  Hopefully this Summer we will be hitting the road and with one of my favorite bands.

Dirty Honey’s debut full length release will be in stores on April 23, 2021.  Look for the band to hit the road as soon as it's safe to tour.  Check out more info on the band at

Author: Bob Suehs