Apr 13, 2021

Wednesday 13 - Antidote, David Ellefson, 3 Headed Snake

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“Antidote” 4 song digital EP

 The Duke of Spook is back with a digital only EP that features 2 brand new songs alongside 2 classic covers.  

The opening track of this EP is an ode to “The Exorcist” simply titled, “Your Mother Still Sucks Cocks In Hell” and this song sounds like a brand new Murderdolls song!  Starting with a chunky drum beat this one has a fun horror punk groove and is a throw back to Wednesday’s Frankenstein Drag Queen days.  The lyrics are funny and exactly what you would expect them to be; tongue in cheek and raunchy as hell.  Loud, Fast, Unapologetic and In Your Face, this song rocks hard.

 What’s interesting about this EP is that none of it is too serious or “Necrophaze” oriented.  During the “Necrophaze” campaign Mr. 13 went harder, scarier, and more intense than ever before.  Previously Mr. 13 was one part The Ramones, two parts campy B-movie Horror fun and this EP is a throw back to those days.

 “Screwdriver 2 - The Return” is a super fast 2 minute rocker that ends so fast you need to listen to it several times over in order to get a proper shock rock fix.

 The last two songs on this EP are quirky covers and the bands take on “Devil Inside” by INXS is perhaps the most adventurous because they make the track five minutes long and chunk up the guitar parts to make it a full on metallic anthem. 

 The closer is a cover of Gary Numan’s “Films” which features Alice Cooper’s daughter Calico CooperGary Numan has been covered by Marilyn Manson, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, and Fear Factory among others ,but this particular cover is the heaviest and most haunting of them all.

 This digital only EP will be available on all streaming platforms beginning on 4/16/21

3 HEADED SNAKE - "Tyrants"

Check out the latest single from 3 Headed Snake, "Tyrants".  3 Headed Snake features Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin, vocalist Johnny Ray (The Mourning), Cesar Soto (Ministry, guitars), Derek S. Abrams (Ministry, drums), and DV Karloff (Society1, bass).  The band are singed to Cleopatra Records and have big things planned for the future.

MEGADETH David Ellefson new solo tour dates!

Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson has announced his new David Ellefson Bass Chronicles storyteller concert series with four shows across the eastern Midwest USA. Each event will be presented as a chronological set filled with songs and stories spanning David's legendary career, along with some deep cuts that have rarely (or never) been performed live from his catalog of work.

The dates, venues and ticket info can be found here:

September 23- Pittsburgh, PA- Crafthouse https://bit.ly/3wEikTN

September 24- Akron, OH – Empire Concert Club https://bit.ly/3unQSb8

September 25- Marietta, OH – The Adelphia https://bit.ly/3t2Sx5M

September 26- Richmond, IN- The Firehouse Please call the club for ticket information at 

(765) 488-0312

Combat Records ™ recording artist Dead By Wednesday will be the direct support on all dates.

The David Ellefson Bass Chronicles band will be comprised of Ellefson, Andre Vanchot (Eddie Ojeda Band) on vocals, drummer Christian "Opus" Lawrence (Dead By Wednesday) and guitarists Dave Sharpe (Dead By Wednesday) and Drew Fortier (Bang Tango), who also co-wrote Rock Star Hitman (Ellefson Book Co.) with Ellefson and is the writer, director, and star of Dwellers (Ellefson Films) which is the award winning found footage horror film produced by David Ellefson that will be released on Blu Ray/DVD/Digital on October 12 via Ellefson Films.

Says Ellefson, “I’m excited to head out and hit the stage again as we’re preparing a special list of songs, including some rarities which have never been performed live.”

VIP dinner packages will be available for each show, as well as copies of Ellefson’s new fictional book Rock Star Hitman (The Sledge Chronicles) and other concert merchandise. A behind the scenes video and teaser screening of the upcoming Dwellers film is also being arranged at select events.

Ellefson continues, “People are excited about live shows again so we’re approaching these events like a traveling pop-up experience where you can catch a show, see a flick, buy some merch, and even break bread with the band at the VIP dinners. So, get ready for a full night out!”

More information on the events, including VIP Dinner purchases, can be found at www.ellefsonstore.com

*All events will adhere to local ordinances of Covid-19 safety including the use of masks, social distancing or other mandates which could be in effect during these dates.

MAC SABBATH release limited edition pop-up book and vinyl.

 MAC SABBATH has revealed details on their first book, Drive Thru Metal, but don’t expect a stereotypical biography from the fast food-themed parody kings. There’s plenty of “juice” inside, albeit in the form of burgers cooking in the kitchen as the four members of MAC SABBATH take fans on a journey through a dystopian fast-food world polluted by its own waste in an innovative hybrid pop-up book.

 Mysterious MAC SABBATH frontman Ronald Osbourne comments on the book, “What’s that? A pop-up book is not what you were expecting? Well SUFFER! ….and you’re welcome.”

 Available via Poposition Press, Drive Thru Metal features illustrations by Gris Grimly, well-known for his darkly whimsical children's books and the upcoming Netflix film adaptation of his Pinocchio book, and will be available in Regular and Special Editions. Both editions are available in limited quantities, so be sure to pre-order now to reserve a copy of this piece of Drive Thru Metal history! Pre-orders are available at https://macsabbath.bigcartel.com/.

 Both editions of Drive Thru Metal include pop-up scenes highlighting “The Factory,” “The Ascension” and “Utopia” and include a special vinyl surprise with seven MAC SABBATH stories, including “Organic Funeral,” Sweet Beef” and “N.I.B.B.L.E.” The Special Edition is a super limited version complete with a foil stamped cover, a Gris Grimly art print and ketchup and mustard splattered vinyl surprise.

Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) & Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) release new single!

"Easy Sleazy" is a brand new song by Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl as his backing band and the track is about the state of the world during Covid.

Author: Bob Suehs