Aug 20, 2021

Three Doors Down / Seether - Mecu Pavilion

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Baltimore, MD

Mecu Pavilion


SEETHER Set List:  

Gasoline, Fine Again, Broken, Country Song, Nobody Praying, Rise Above, Bruised and Bloodied, Wasteland, Let You Down, Dangerous, Fake It, Remedy



Kryptonite, Loser, Duck and Run, Not Enough, Be Like That, Better Life, Down Poison, By My Side, Smack, So I Need You, Away From The Sun, Let Me Go, Landing in London, Not My Time, Here Without You, When I’m Gone


Walking into this show I had no idea what to expect.  With all of the internet buzz about most shows requiring a Vaccination card or proof of a negative Covid test prior to entering the venue nobody truly knew what going back to a live concert would be like.  The Three Doors Down - Baltimore show went like this:  There were four lines entering the venue and the only things security did were a quick pat down/metal detector swipe and then they scanned your ticket.  There were absolutely NO Covid protocols in effect, no vaccination cards needed to enter the venue, no negative covid tests shown, and no mentions of those un-vaccinated wearing a mask.

 Members of Three Doors Down were hanging near their bus, un-masked, and when the gates opened fans in line ran to get photos and autographs with the band members.  NO Masks were worn at all.  In fact, all of Seether came out to watch Three Doors Down set and none of them wore masks, they interacted with the crowd, shook hands, posed for photos, and it truly felt like life was back to normal.

 Seether opened the show at 8 PM sharp with a set that featured old classics as well as a few newer songs.  Opening with the rocker “Gasoline”, Seether delivered a high energy performance which left the crowd screaming for more when their set ended.

 It was interesting to see how they performed “Broken” as a 2-piece with just Shaun on guitar and Dale on Acoustic guitar.  The simple arrangement was damper yet added new life to the song.

 “Rise Above” and “Fake It” were highlights of their set and Shaun made it a point to thank the crowd several times for coming to the show, he told everyone that the band had missed performing and they were extremely happy to be back onstage.

 Three Doors Down were the main attraction and their show was based around the 20th anniversary of their record “The Better Life”.  In celebration of that the band decided to perform the record in it’s entirety.  It felt weird seeing the band open with their biggest song “Kryptonite” and the backdrop for their show was a video screen which was in the shape of the Superman logo.

 Brad Arnold is the only original member of the band but if you were a casual fan you had no clue because the musicians in the band performed as an amazingly tight unit

 Three Doors Down in concert is like watching/listening to modern rock radio at full blast because it’s easy to forget how many active rock radio hits the band has had over the course of their 20+ year career!  It feels odd to say this but Three Doors Down are classic rock at this point and lead singer Brad Arnold commented during the Baltimore show that he was in his 40’s now and needed a few moments in the set to slow it down so he didn’t give himself a heart attack.  Brad jokingly told the crowd that after the pandemic himself and the band had to build tiny breaks in their live show so they could take a small break because after not working for 19 months they were a little out of practice for the live stage.

 “Loser” had the crowd singing louder than Brad at times and “Duck and Run” sounded amazing.  It’s interesting to see how Three Doors Down bridge the gap between hard rock and modern country because the southern style bleeds into what they do and Brad’s vocals could easily lean towards the Country side if he chose to go that direction.

 The crowd was an interesting mix of people.  You had families, two generations of TDD fans, younger people, older people, and in general everyone seemed ecstatic to just have live music back after 19 months of nothingness.

 Three Doors Down sounded clear as a bell, their live sound mix was superb and the musicianship within the band is impeccable.  You will not see a better sounding rock band than Three Doors Down and their encore brought the house down:  “Here Without You” and “When I’m Gone” were dedicated to the American Military and an American Flag was proudly displayed on the left side of the stage for the entire night.

Author: Bob Suehs