Oct 7, 2021

Cradle of Filth / Once Human / 3Teeth - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD




Thirteen Autumns and a Widow, Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids, Beneath The Howling Stars, Venus in Fear, Desire In Violent Overture, The Twisted Nails of Faith, Bathory Aria, Portrait of the Dead Countess, Lustmord and Wargasm, ENCORE:  Hallowed Be Thy Name, Crawling King Chaos, Nymphetamine, Necromantic Fantasies, From The Cradle To Enslave

 Cradle of Filth returned to the States post covid for their 2021  “Lustmord And Tourgasm” which featured the band performing “Cruelty and the Beast” in it’s entirety alongside a lengthy set list of COF classics.

 The ticket prices dropped to $25 closer to the show date and this is a very common practice in today's market. If you can wait to buy your tickets closer to the actual date there's a good chance you will get a cheaper price.  Part of the concert hall was curtained off due to it not selling out which helped to make the room look fuller.

Founded in 2014, Once Human is the latest musical venture of former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader.  The story of Once Human’s formation is quite interesting because Mader had not performed onstage in over a decade when he  started to work with vocalist Lauren Hart;  Hart was initially a guitarist who switched to vocals.  The band currently have two full length studio records available and their third record titled, “Scar Weaver” will be released on February 11, 2022.

 Once Human consists of:  Logan Mader (guitars), Lauren Hart (Vocals), Damien Rainaud (Bass), Dillon Trollope (drums), and Max Karon (guitars).

 Once Human took the stage at 8pm and were done before 8:30pm. Their set was short, tight, and to the point. Former Machinehead guitarist Logan Mader is the star of this band.  The mix for Once Human was slightly muddy and that made some of the melodic parts lose their fire.

 3teeth & Once Human sold autographed posters at their merch tables and explained to fans that due to covid they could not meet fans at their merch table. Members of 3teeth did actually meet fans despite the warning.

 3Teeth are an extreme industrial band from Los Angeles California.  Formed in 2013, 3Teeth have three studio records under their belt and are currently signed to Century Media Records.

 3Teeth took their name from the concepts of Odontomancy which is an ancient form of divination where the seer would read prophecies in the teeth like rune stones, as well as the word “Trident” which by definition means:  “A trident has three prongs or teeth, as the root dent, "tooth", tells us.”   The band consists of:  Alexis Mincolla (vocals), Chase Brawner (guitars), Xavier Swafford (keys & synth), Andrew Means (modular synth & bass), and Nick Rossi (drums).

 Lead singer Alexis Mincolla has an interesting look; he’s like a punk rock Tom Selleck with his mohawk and handlebar mustache.  Musically the band are straight up heavy industrial and their light show guided the theme of each song.  

 3teeth were the odd band out on this bill and at times audience members would heckle the band by yelling "I.C.P !”  The band sounded better from the back of the venue as did all bands on this night; up close the vocals were hard to hear & the overall mix was so loud that you couldn't hear how they truly sounded.  The band kept their stage almost totally dark throughout their set with strobes & red lights being the only way to truly see the goth men onstage.  If I'm being honest with you, the strobes were so intense that they started to hurt my eyes after a while.  Their set should contain a warning for those prone to seizures.

 Dani Filth is the only original member left in Cradle of Filth at this point.  Currently Cradle of Filth consist of:  Dani Filth (vocals), Martin Skaroupka (drums), Daniel Firth (bass), Richard Shaw (guitar) Marek Smerda (guitar), and Anabelle Iratni (keys).

 Cradle are releasing their 13th studio record titled “Existence Is Futile” on October 22, 2021.  The first single off the record is “Crawling King Chaos” and features an interesting music video which came out in July of 2021.

Dani Filth took the stage with his face covered and once he raised the devil horns all hell broke loose!

 Marek Šmerda is an absolute beast on guitar & his painted face is somewhat reminiscent of Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.  Marek played a white Schecter guitar for the first half of the set and a D.J. Ashba model Schecter for the rest of the show.

 Richard Shaw is the other half of the twin guitar attack in Cradle of Filth and he looks like a decaying Jesus onstage. He is a lively, lovable weirdo who makes funny hand gestures, spits, makes off the wall facial expressions, all while delivering solid rhythm & occasional strong leads.

 Band leader/vocalist/namesake Dani Filth interacted with band members onstage, smiled, joked, and truly had a great time.  This is one of the best line ups Cradle of Filth has ever had!  The band seemed to get along great onstage and each member complemented the sound, style, and vibe of the band perfectly.

 One single rose was tossed out during Cradle's set and the person who caught it managed to keep it intact and left with it in hand.

 Cradle of Filth started their encore with an Iron Maiden cover, “Hallowed Be Thy Name” and that was definitely a show highlight!

 "From The Cradle to Enslave" was the last song of the night and after it ended the crowd chanted “One more song, One More Song!” But the band had hit their curfew and the show was truly over.

 This was one of the best Cradle of Filth shows I've ever seen because the lack of concerts in 2020 brought out an extreme lust in both the bands & the fans for live music thus creating an enjoyable, fun vibe throughout the entire building where everyone celebrated heavy, live music!


Author: Bob Suehs