Oct 14, 2021

Nine Pound Hammer, David Duchovny, and more

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“When The Shit Goes Down”

 Formed in 1985 by Nashville Pussy frontman Blaine Cartwright and singer Scott Luallen, Nine Pound Hammer are a shit kickin’ cow-punk rock band with elements of Rockabilly, punk, 70’s riff rock, Folk rock, and even a little new wave.  The band’s current release titled, “When The Shit Goes Down” is their 10th release and hits stores on October 15, 2021.

 This record opens with a classic Looney Tunes soundbite which leads into a chunky riff fest.  The title track sets the pace for the entire record with reckless abandon and raging guitar riffs.  “A Girl Like That” is catchy, quirky, and has a proper pop chorus which accompanies The Ramones styled vibe this track exudes.

 “2 Legged Dope” is a lean, lanky dose of rock n roll excess and sounds like Iggy and the Stooges butt-f**king The Georgia Satellites.

 “Mama Lied” is a funny little country rock ditty, “Billy Lost His Feet” is a solid rocker, and “One Last Minute” sounds like a long lost Johnny Cash song.

 “Get The Hell Off The Farm” could have easily been a Nashville Pussy song with it’s groove and hooks.  

 As a complete body of work, this is a 14 song southern friend sh*t kicker, politically incorrect, unapologetic, and exactly what you’d expect from Blaine Cartwright!


“All Wood and Led”

 Just to get it out of the way, YES, Dan Navarro is the cousin of Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro.

 This record is an all acoustic tribute to the mighty Led Zeppelin but it’s important to state that this record IS NOT a recreation of the original versions.  Every song on this record has been fully re-imagined and the only similarity these versions have with the originals are the lyrics.  

 “House of the Holy” is totally unrecognizable other than the lyrics and “Good Times Bad Times” sounds like a long lost Beatles jam.

 “Rock and Roll” is reminiscent of when Toad The Wet Sprocket covered KISS “Rock N Roll All Nite” because the entire song is changed so drastically that it’s unrecognizable.

 “Fool In The Rain” is perhaps the most interesting track off this record.

 If you are a die hard Zep freak you may not care for this record because hearing a song like “Dazed and Confused” in this form, totally stripped to a point where it’s not the same song at all anymore; it’s a lot to digest.

 This is a fun record because hearing all new interpretations of these Zep classics makes them all feel new BUT it’s also weird because the thunder of Jimmy Page’s riffs are totally gone.





 Popping this CD into the player I will admit that I was expecting it to be terrible; the reality is that it’s not bad at all.

 The actor best known for his role on “The X-Files” has been doing music for quite some time now and his latest release titled, “Gestureland” is an intrinsically sullen journey.  This is Duchovny’s third full length release and what’s interesting his how late he started his music career.  Duchovny released his first record in 2015 at the age of 55.

 “Nights Are Harder Than These Days” kicks off the record with indie rock prowess and the guitar solo that closes the track is sloppy, low-key, and fitting.  If I’m being honest with you, this song should have been the title for the record because it’s a cool title.

 “Holding Patterns” and “Chapter and Verse” are slower songs.

 “Everything is Noise” has a Coldplay vibe.

 “Layin’ On The Tracks” is a mid tempo rocker.

 The majority of the record is mellow, low-key, and atmospheric.  The mood is key for most tracks and Duchovny is clearly a dark songwriter.  Lyrically, these songs feel adult.

 The band consists of Duchovny, keyboardist Colin Lee, guitarists Pat McCusker and Keenan O’Meara, bassist Mitchell Stewart, and drummer Davis Rowan. 

 Duchovny has stated that the stories told on this record are just stories and nothing personal.

Author: Bob Suehs