Nov 9, 2021

Stone Temple Pilots - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live



Wicked Garden, Vasoline, Big Bang Baby, Silvergun Superman, Meadow, Meatplow, Still Remains, Big Empty, Plush, Interstate Love Song, Down, Crackerman, Roll Me Under, Dead & Bloated, Trippin’ on a Hole In A Paper Heart, ENCORE:  Piece of Pie, Sex Type Thing



Pressure, Drive Me Mad, On To The Next, Ride, Shackles, Got My Mojo Working, Born Rockin’, Lipstick Wonder Woman


The day after this show Stone Temple Pilots issued the following statement:

During routine Covid-19 testing of our band and crew, we have discovered that a member of our organization has tested positive for the virus.  Out of an abundance of caution, we must regretfully cancel our remaining shows on this current tour; our appearances in Daytona, FL at the Welcome to Rockville Festival and Tulsa, OK at the Skyline Event Center. Refunds for the Tulsa show can be made at your point of purchase.

Thank you to everyone that came out to see us this fall, it was wonderful to see all of your beautiful faces in person again. We hope to be able to do this again with you all very soon.


Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Maryland has a capacity of 1,500.  When doors opened they had sold 500-ish pre-sale tickets.  The show itself ended up being 1/2 filled with plenty of room for concert goers to move about freely without bumping into each other.  Upon entry of the venue ALL patrons were required to show proof of vaccination and mask wearing was required but not totally enforced once the show started.

 Here’s some interesting Rock N Roll Experience history for you:  January 19, 1993 was the date of the first show that we “officially” covered with management approval, it was the first time we ever shot a show from the barricade with an actual media/photo pass and the very first band we EVER shot was Stone Temple Pilots, who served as the opening band for Megadeth at the Towson Center in Towson, Maryland.

 Flash forward nearly 30 years later, a lot has changed for STP and Rock N Roll Experience:  STP have released eight studio records, they’re on their third singer, and the core of the band are still active, relevant musicians who helped shape the 90’s grunge explosion despite not really being a grunge band.  For Us, we went from being a print zine to online only, were a part of VH-1’s “Behind the Music”, and barred witness to the rise and fall of bands, scenes, and styles that shaped rock music over the past 30 years.

 Current STP singer Jeff Gutt revitalizes the band with his energetic performance(s), charismatic delivery, and solid vocals which pay homage to the late Scott Weiland while also standing out as Jeff’s own interpretation and presentation of both new and old STP material.

 On this night STP performed 2 Gutt era songs, “Meadow” and “Roll Me Under” with the bulk of the set being STP classics from the Weiland era of the band.

 For those who wrote off STP when Weiland passed away I will say this:  Go see the band live, they still have plenty of gas in the tank and still deliver a strong, intense, honest set which leaves fans happy night after night.


Tyler Bryant opened the show with a bluesy, raw, real deal rock n roll riff fest and the crowd adored the groovy, hook laden jams Tyler and company performed.  

 Before the song “Born Rockin’” Tyler joked that the song was about drummer Caleb Crosby’s new baby that he created during the pandemic and that it was being performed for diaper money…Tyler quickly stated that the diaper comment was just a joke as he ripped into the tune.

 Second guitarist Graham Whitford is the son of Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford.

 Tyler Bryant is 30 years old but looks like he just graduated High School with his youthful looks, child like smile, and his enthusiasm for the music.


Stone Temple Pilots have been performing an 18 song set on this leg of the tour but for whatever reason they chose to cut “Lounge Fly” from the set.

 Opening with “Wicked Garden” and closing with “Sex Type Thing” Stone Temple Pilots delivered an excellent set that explains why the band has persevered as one of the 90’s most beloved rock acts.

 It’s easy to forget just how many “hits” Stone Temple Pilots have until you see them in concert and witness them performing top active rock radio hit after top active rock radio hit.  STP shaped the 90’s hard rock world with their unique approach to song writing and while most people focus strictly on the vocals of Scott Weiland as the sound of STP you cannot undersell the DeLeo brother’s musicianship and style which are the basis for EVERY STP song every written.

 Dean DeLeo’s guitar playing is at times simple, yet other times complex and rich.  Dean’s playing differs from the average rock guitarist because he flavors his songs with lesser used chords that add a somber feel/sound to the bands tone while the rhythm section of Robert DeLeo/Kretz is impeccably tight and to the point.  Kretz is a highly underrated drummer who knows when to hit hard and when to hit softly; his delivery is what holds the bands groove together.

 During “Big Empty” Dean tossed out a few guitar slides and for the most part the entire crowd was singing along to almost every song giving this show a very intimate, communal vibe/feel.

 “Dead & Bloated” was a song that Weiland used a megaphone for; Gutt has stated that he will not use a megaphone during his time in STP as a tribute to Weiland because the megaphone was his thing.


Gutt made it a point to thank the crew towards the end of the set and also thank the band for giving him the opportunity to sing with them.  Gutt stated that he listened to STP as a kid in high school and that singing with the band was truly a dream come true.

After “Sex Type Thing” the members of Tyler Bryant and The Shake Down joined STP for a bow.

 This show was not only the end of the tour but also the end of the road because as stated in the beginning of this article, it was announced that a roadie for STP had tested positive for Covid and the band decided to cancel the remaining performances they had booked for 2021.

Author: Bob Suehs