Dec 18, 2021

KIX - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

KIX Set List:  

Poison, Red Lite Green Lite TNT, Scarlet Fever, No Ring Around Rosie, Heartache, Cold Shower, She Dropped Me The Bomb, For Shame, Cold Blood, Silent Night, Love Me With Your Top Down, Don’t Close Your Eyes, Wheels In Motion, The Itch, Girl Money, Blow My Fuse, Midnite Dynamite


The Annual KIXmas - Rams Head Live show did not happen in 2020 due to Covid; both the band and their fans were heartbroken but they made up for it on December 18, 2021 when KIX delivered their Holiday show for Baltimore after a year absence.

So Low opened the show at 9 PM and KIX were onstage by 10 PM.  Steve Whiteman and company delivered a tight, fresh set that included deep cuts, the hits, and even an Xmas song!

This version of the band features fill in guitarist Bob Pare in the place of Ronnie Younkins and his presence onstage adds new life to the bands performance.  Bob is an accomplished guitarist and his solo’s were faithful renditions of the original versions with subtle changes that incorporated Bob’s style to the mix.


Steve Whiteman has always been a rail thin rock n roll machine and his messy blonde locks were like a blazing fire as he shimmied across the stage leading the band through their strong 90 minute set.

 Bassist Mark Schenker looked like a young Ronnie Van Zant with his cowboy hat and beard while Lead guitarist Brian Forsythe looked like the son of Ron Wood with his shiny silver pants and leopard print shirt.

 Opening with “Poison” the KIX set was a diverse retrospective of their career and you have to give the band credit for consistently changing their set list to keep it fresh.

 “For Shame” features Steve Whiteman on acoustic guitar and Whiteman made it a point to tell the crowd that they could purchase his first ever solo record at the merch table.  Whiteman gave 2 free copies to “hot chicks” in the front because as he put it, “He doesn’t f**k dudes” so the cd’s were for women only.

 “Cold Blood” featured a guitar solo from Bob and “The Itch” featured a guitar solo from Brian.

 Whiteman asked the crowd if this show was a vaccinated only show because he saw very few masks being worn in the crowd and he commented that the entire situation was “f**ked up”.

 “Silent Night” was an interesting holiday surprise in the set and their version was fast and upbeat.

 “Blow My Fuse” was announced as the last song of the night but fans were treated to an encore that featured “Midnite Dynamite” as the closer for the night.  There were no balloons tossed into the crowd and “Yeah Yeah Yeah” was not performed on this night.

 Interesting side note, the show was not sold out and there was a surprisingly decent number of younger fans in attendance alongside the mostly older crowd.



Author: Bob Suehs