Feb 7, 2022

Pam and Tommy

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“Pam and Tommy”

 Airing exclusively on Hulu, this four part mini series documents the loose version of how Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee became porn star’s when their home movies were stolen from a locked safe.

 The first three parts of this series debuted on February 2, 2022 and the casting was eerily accurate for the main stars.  Lily James nailed Pam Anderson’s bimbo routine perfectly while Sebastian Stan was spot on for the role of Tommy Lee.  No one truly knows how accurate this story is BUT the portrayal of Lee is believable and during the first episode Lee pulls a gun twice on Seth Rogan’s character, Rand Gauthier.  Rand is one of two handymen who were hired to do work on Tommy Lee’s home.  Seth Rogan delivers a portrayal of Rand as a simple, hard working handyman who eventually gets fired by Lee when Rand asks for a downpayment for work done to Lee’s home.  

 After Lee fires Rand he tries to retrieve his tools and supplies from Lee’s home but upon entering the home he is greeted by a speedo clad Lee holding a shotgun; Lee tells Rand that the tools are now his and that if he doesn’t leave the home immediately he will shoot Rand.

 In real life, Rand Gauthier is now in his 60’s and living in Santa Rosa, California.  According to Rolling Stone he grows pot out of his garage and still runs an electrical services company.

 Rand’s former wife, Erica Gauthier is played by Taylor Schilling who is best known for her role as “Piper” from “Orange is the New Black”.  Erica was a porn star and died at age 53 in 2009.  Erica is how Rand had a connection to the porn world in the first place and Rand did at least one scene or more in porn movies with his wife.  

 Nick Offerman, best known for his role on “Parks and Recreation” plays Uncle Miltie in the movie.  Uncle Miltie aka Milton Ingley was responsible for the large scale distribution of the Lee’s sex tape.  Miltie entered the world of porn in 1977 and appeared in more than 140 videos before moving behind the camera in a directors role.  He went on to establish a production company, Chandler Studios.  

 Rand brings the Hi-8 home movie tapes of Pam and Tommy to Uncle Miltie and Miltie shops the tapes to various places within the porn industry; no one will release the Lee’s sex tape due to it obviously being stolen and the fact that there were no release forms signed.  Miltie ends up visiting a mob boss named Lou “Butchie” Peraino played by comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay.  Butchie agrees to finance the release of the video and gives Rand and Miltie $50,000.  A chunk of the money was used for distribution and operating costs while the rest reportedly went to Miltie’s vices aka drugs and women.  Uncle Miltie handled all of the finances and eventually tricked Rand out of his share of the money.

 Rand set up a website which sold copies of the Pam and Tommy Sex Tape for $55 a pop but bootleg copies of the tape, both physical and digital began appearing which destroyed demand and price for the tape.  Uncle Miltie was sued by the Lee’s for unlawful distribution and sale of their stolen video.  Miltie moved to Amsterdam for seven years to distance himself from the situation while Rand was forced by Butchie to work for the mob as a bill collector.

  Rand did not earn any profits from the sex tape.  Miltie eventually returned to the USA and died in 2006.

 The entire sex tape situation happened essentially due to Tommy being an ass, treating Rand poorly, not giving the man back his tools, and as Seth Rogan portraying Rand in the movie says, “It’s all about Karma” because Lee screwed him over one too many times.  

 Spoiler alert:  there is a fair amount of penis in the movie but it’s not real and the scene where Tommy talks to his penis is comical.  This movie rivals “The Room” by Tommy Wiseau in the fact that it’s so bad it’s good.

Part 4 of the series premiers February 9, 2022

Author: Bob Suehs