Feb 28, 2022

Steve Whiteman - "You're Welcome"

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“You're Welcome”


KIX frontman Steve Whiteman asserts his rock n roll prowess on his debut solo release, “You’re Welcome” which is available exclusively at KIX live shows and The Head - Record Store in Hagarstown, Maryland.  If you venture into The Head - Record Store you will also be treated to a nice assortment of KIX memorabilia on display which came direct from the band and include actual Record Awards, archival photos, and stage worn clothes.


There are 3 different formats for this release:  Digital, CD, and ultra rare, numbered, white vinyl.  The vinyl is limited to 293 copies worldwide!  This is Steve’s first solo record in his 35+ year career and most of his fans will say the same thing:  It’s about damn time!


 The title of the record refers to stage banter Whiteman says at every KIX show; a give and take exchange with the crowd where Steve says, “Thank you - You’re Welcome” several times throughout most KIX shows.


 The record starts off with “Easy” and this song sounds like classic KIX; the ethics of this song are based on old school AC/DC with tongue in cheek lyrics and gritty power chords.


 “Talking Bout Luv” has a touch of Steve’s trademark harmonica work and the song itself is an upbeat, fun, rocker.


 “Get The Wild Out” is where you start to realize that Steve is the Maryland version of Michael Monroe because both Monroe and Whiteman have similar hair styles, vocal approaches, play Harmonica, and have remained lean and lanky throughout their storied careers.  This song also features a harmonica solo that leads into a guitar solo.


 “Shock” changes the pace of the record ever so slightly and slows it down just a touch.


 “Prick Teaser” is a quirky cock rock anthem and the chorus is fantastic.


 “Bad Blood” starts off with a trademark Whiteman harmonica jam and the song itself is an old school hard rocker.  This song could easily be intertwined in the KIX setlist because it sounds like classic KIX.


 “Kid Dynamite” is a song about KIX guitarist Ronnie 10/10 and the lyrics definitely tell a story if you listen close about Ronnie’s problems with addiction & recovery.


 “Lightning Bolt” is a bluesy, powerful rocker


 “Strip” is a mid tempo rocker


 “Tug of Luv” is reminiscent of the 80’s song “What I Like About You” by The Romantics and the title of this song is self explanatory (laughs).


 “Do Me Like You Done Me Before” opens with a drum beat similar to “The House Is Rockin’” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and by this point, incase you have not figured it out, this entire record is a non stop, no ballads, no bullsh*t rock n roller from start till finish.


 “Shook Me In My Shoes” closes the record in a similar way to how it started.  Upbeat, slightly sleazy, and all about celebrating the good parts of life.  This record is what Rock n Roll was created for; as an outlet for fun, a means to forget the troubles of the outside world, and to celebrate love, life, and all of the things that make life worth living.


 Steve’s band consists of:

Steve Whiteman - Vocals, Guitar, bass, drums, and harmonica

Former Wrathchild America singer/bassist Brad Divens on bass and guitar

KIX drummer Jimmy Chalfant

Additional guitars:  Bob Pare, Dean Cramer

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Author: Bob Suehs