Apr 8, 2022

Jerry Cantrell - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

 Jerry Cantrell Set List:  Them Bones, Psychotic Break, Sea of Sorrow, Brighten, Cut You In, My Song, Siren Song, No Excuses, Black Hearts and Evil Done, Right Turn, Had To Know, Your Decision, Between, It Ain’t Like That, Got Me Wrong, Would?, Atone, Man In The Box, Rooster, Goodbye

 Jerry Cantrell graced Baltimore, Maryland with a rare solo performance on a balmy Friday Evening on April 8, 2022.

 Prior to the show Jerry performed a mini three song set for a paid meet and greet which consisted of “Black Hearts & Evil Done” which was started and stopped a few times in order for the band to alter a few parts.  “Your Decision” was next and that one was played with no stops.  “It Ain’t Like That” was performed partially in order for singer Greg Puciato to work on a certain part.  Immediately following the three songs Jerry met fans, signed autographs, and took photos.

 The evening started with doors opening at 7 PM.  Lola Colette served as opener and for those not aware, she is the daughter of Tyler Bates who is a touring guitarist in Cantrell’s current band.

 I ran into Bates prior to the show and thanked him for making two great records with Marilyn Manson and told him that his participation with Manson helped to bring Manson back.  Bates told me that he had a lot of fun working with Manson and that he he enjoyed those records and tours.

 Cantrell’s set opened with Alice in Chains classic “Them Bones” and went directly into “Psychotic Break” which set the pace for Jerry to alternate between AIC classics and his solo work.

 “Sea of Sorrow” made the crowd go wild as did “It Ain’t Like That” and “Would?”.  “Got Me Wrong” received the biggest reaction from the crowd and Jerry commented that it felt amazing to perform that one for Baltimore because almost everyone in the room sang along with the band. 

 “Rooster” was served as a lead up to the last song which was an Elton John cover, “Goodbye” that saw Jerry putting his guitar down so he could serve as a true lead singer.

 Jerry sounded amazing and his band consisted of Tyler Bates (guitar), Greg Puciato (backing vocals), Gil Sharone (drums), George Adrian (bass), Michael Rozon (pedal steel) and Jason Achilles (keys).

 Jerry used a brand new custom Les Paul onstage that features his graphics and is currently unavailable for purchase.

 Tyler Bates and Jerry performed duel guitar solos at various points during the show and their interaction was flawless…these two belong together onstage!

 During soundcheck Jerry and Tyler jammed on “Number of the Beast” by Iron Maiden and during the show they tossed out a mini cover of “For Those About to Rock” by AC/DC.

 Overall it was a great show, the crowd loved every moment of the show and the band got along great onstage, sounded amazing, and delivered a stellar performance.

At the merch table fans could purchase the tour only "Pink" vinyl version of Jerry's latest record as well as a Baltimore only tour poster pictured below.

Author: Bob Suehs