Apr 26, 2022

Lars Frederiksen - Ottobar

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Baltimore, MD


Rancid are a meat & potatoes styled punk rock band; The Lars Frederiksen solo experience is  the Hamburger Helper of punk rock and I say that because Lars delivered a fun, fast paced, frantic, yet emotional and at times intrinsically open self portrait of his life when he took the stage on this night.  

 Lars Frederiksen is best known for his work with Rancid.  Born August 30, 1971, Frederiksen also fronts The Old Firm Casuals, Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards, and plays guitar for Oxley’s Midnight Runners, Stomper 98, and The Last Resort.  Lars joined Rancid in 1993 and his first recorded work with the band was on “Let’s Go”.  Lars has also produced records for Agnostic Front, Marky Ramone, Pressure Point, and Swingin Utters.

 Lars was raised in California by his mother.  His brother Rob Dapello was a writer for Zero Magazine and a musician.  Rob passed away in 2001 from a brain aneurysm and the song “Otherside” off Rancid’s 2003 album “Indestructible” was dedicated to his memory.

 Frederiksen has been married twice and he stated in a recent interview that his previous marriages did not work because he was unable to love anyone until he met his current girlfriend with whom he credits for helping him find true love.

 Lars was slated to start his solo tour two years prior but covid unfortunately sidelined the world.  Lars made a tour stop in Baltimore, Maryland at the Ottobar on a mild Tuesday evening and his show was exactly what fans expected.

 Lars opened the show with a stripped down version of "Skunx". 

Lars performed Rancid classics, "Mothership" by Old Firm Casuals, "Coming Home" by KISS, "53rd & 3rd" by The Ramones and between every song was crowd interaction, stories, and amazing one on one connection/interaction with the crowd.   Lars spoke highly of his mother and told stories of how his Mom always supported his career and even allowed Social Distortion to sleep on her floor. 

Frederiksen stated that it was a no brainer for him to love the band KISS because he was always a pro-wrestling fan and KISS are like a band of pro-wrestlers.  

 "Wine and Roses" was performed as a fan request and Lars told a story about a guy named Steve who sang the song perfectly with Lars the night prior.

 The entire show was loose, fun, and clearly a chance for Lars to connect with his fans.

 Lars retold the story of how he broke three guitar strings during one of his performances as a member of the UK Subs 30 years ago; the guitarist from Blitzkrieg let him use his Fender Strat to finish the show and Lars told the crowd that he hated Fender Strats & that while they work for Hendrix, Billie Joe Armstrong & Stevie Ray Vaughan that they are shit guitars in his hand.

 The theme of the night was positivity, unity, and treating each other with respect.  Lars told the crowd that he had no tolerance for racism and lack of respect for women.

 Lars told stories about his children, ex’s, his current girlfriend, how he wants to have more kids, and how he feels about the current state of the world. 

 Old Firm Casuals drummer Paul Rivas served as Frederiksen’s guitar tech and Lars would playfully harass Paul at various points during the show. Lars joked that he better be nice to Paul so he didn't shit in his bed like the Johnny Depp court case story. Lars then asked the crowd If anyone truly cared about that Depp trial & reminisced of watching Depp on 21 Jump Street; the 21 Jump Street episode he referred to was the one where it referenced white shoe laces on boots. 

 "To Have and Have Not" was the last song in the set.  Lars ended his show by playing the Hulk Hogan theme song, "Real American" while flexing like Hogan and tossing out guitar picks.  

 At the merch table fans could purchase several different shirt designs, a red hoodie, and autographed vinyl & cds.  The vinyl was a tour exclusive and lime green; every copy was hand signed by Lars and they sold for $25 each.  The tour only cd was hand signed too and sold for $15.


Author: Bob Suehs