May 23, 2022

Dragula Season 4 Tour - Rams Head Live

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Rams Head Live

Baltimore, MD

 The Boulet Brothers aka Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet are the original drag monsters; they’ve created a niche group for those who love drag with a healthy dose of horror.  The Boulet Brothers are true artists and their expressive art is both shocking and dazzling.  

 Prior to the show I asked The Boulet’s why they didn’t sign their names individually when signing autographs.  If you are lucky enough to get an autographed Boulet Brothers item it’s simply signed “The Boulet Brothers”Dracmorda said, “There’s no need for us to both sign our individual names.”  I then asked both of them who signed the majority of the “Boulet Brothers” autographs and Swanthula said that he did.

 In person The Boulet Brothers do an impressive job on their overall appearance.  The Boulet’s are true masters of their craft and for this tour they brought out the four finalists from Season 4 of their show “Dragula” on the Shudder Channel.

 The overall winner for Season 4 was former Blood on the Dance Floor member Dahli.  Dahli won $100,000, a headline spot on the Season 4 Dragula World Tour, and the title “The World’s Next Drag Supermonster”.

 Alongside Dahli and the Boulet’s on this tour were runners up HoSo Terra Toma, Sigourney Beaver, & Saint.

 The show was supposed to start at 8:00 PM but ran fashionably late and began at 8:30 PM.  A Large video screen showed the intro to the Boulet Brothers Dragula show and then The Boulet’s took the stage to start the show off right…”Hello Uglies!”

For the first half of the show each performer did one song.  Dahli was an evil clown that tossed candy corn from his jock, Sigorney was Jessica Rabbit on steroids, Saint was a monster with awesome teeth, and HoSo sported the most interesting make-up for the first act.  The entire group took the stage for a “Goth Beach Party” number and then the Boulet’s did a solo act which featured them tossing out fake coins, and then they informed the crowd that there would be a 20 minute intermission.

The “20 Minute Intermission” was closer to a near hour long break but it was understandable when you consider the amount of make-up and costumes they had to lay out and apply before act #2.

 For the second act The Boulet’s did a live version of their “Creatures of the Night” podcast and answered fan questions.  One fan asked The Boulet’s what their favorite John Waters movie was. The Boulet’s replied that they loved “Female Trouble” and “Desperate Living” but did not care for “Polyester”. They both stated that they loved “Hair Spray”.

 For the stage shows:  Dahli was a goth cowboy, SoHo was a rabid dog that tossed out bones to the crowd, Saint was a female version of Leatherface from Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Sigourney Beaver sported a goth/spiked medieval look.  For the closing number The Boulet’s came out as goth mummified brides of Frankenstein and used a belt sander to launch sparks off their bodies.  This was 100% real and not a trick, you could tell because of the smell the power tool left in the room.

 The entire group took the stage on last time to thank the Baltimore crowd and by 10:30 PM the show was over and all that was left on the stage was random confetti, fake blood, toy coins, and candy corn.

Author: Bob Suehs