Jul 2, 2022

Slaughter - Dundalk Heritage

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Dundalk Heritage Fest

Dundalk, Maryland

 SLAUGHTER Set List:  Mad About You, Burnin’ Bridges


Mother Nature did not cooperate on Friday, July 2, 2022 when Slaughter were set to perform an outdoor show at the yearly Dundalk Heritage Festival in glorious Dundalk, Maryland.

 To critique the fair for a moment, on this day, for whatever reason, the fair was scaled back with very few vendor tables, random carnival styled food options, a beer garden, and a smaller than usual amount of rides for the kids.  Was this due in part to the impending bad weather?  Was it due in part to the overall bad economy?  Who knows, but this day clearly featured a scaled down version of the fest and Slaughter were scheduled to headline Saturday night with KIX as the headliner for Sunday night.

 The sky turned purple about 30 minutes before Slaughter took the stage and scattered showers began to fall briefly.  The rain stopped briefly and started back up just as Slaughter took the stage a little after 8 PM.

 Opening with “Mad About You”, Mark Slaughter and the boys came out strong and sounded great during the first song of their set.

 Blando started the opening guitar riff for “Burnin’ Bridges” and quickly stopped It after experiencing a technical issue with his equipment.  Mark realized there was an issue and spoke to the crowd for a minute while Blando got his guitar issue fixed.

 “Burnin’ Bridges” is a song about Mark & Dana’s time playing with former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent and during the song there was an audio from which caused the sound to drop in volume but this issue was fixed towards the end of the song.  Immediately following this song the entire band left the stage and a guy took the stage to ask the crowd to please evacuate the area because there were impending storms on the way and the event did not deem it safe to allow the concert to go any further until the storms had passed.  They stated that the show would continue, IF they could, once the storms had passed. 

 Several minutes after this announcement the sky turned dark and a torrential downpour of rain coupled with thunder and lightning made it impossible for the show to continue.

 Slaughter performed the next night in Leesburg, Virginia and that show served as Mark Slaughter’s early birthday show.

Author: Bob Suehs