Jul 28, 2022

Gibby Haynes and the Paul Green Rock Academy - Ottobar

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Baltimore, MD

 Gibby Haynes is best known as the leader for The Butthole Surfers.  Gibby’s music stylings are hard to explain, one part psychedelic mayhem, two parts hard rock rudeness, with odd flavorings of Country & Western; Mr. Haynes is a true Texas gentleman and his brand of humor is brash, dry, and often times misunderstood.  

 Born in Dallas, Texas on September 30, 1957, Haynes is the son of actor Jerry Haynes, best known as Dallas-based children's TV host "Mr. Peppermint".  

 Supposedly Haynes, along with Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen, lived with Timothy Leary, and were used as guinea pigs for his psychedelic experiments.

 Haynes sings lead vocals on “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” by Ministry and also appears in the music video for said track.   Haynes was also the lead singer for the band P along with Johnny Depp.

 Haynes friendship with Depp spawned their self produced mini-documentary on Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante titled “Stuff”.  In 1992 Haynes also appeared in the GWAR home video “Phallus in Wonderland” as director Fritz Wang.  

 For this short tour Haynes was joined by the 2022 class of The Paul Green Rock Academy and these youngsters know how to rock!

 The first set was just the kids and each member dressed the part based off what their influences were.  Musically speaking, these kids rock and if they keep it up they have a future in music.  The opening set featured random covers from famous and not so famous bands.  “Head Like A Hole” by Nine Inch Nails, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”, and “Just a Friend” by Biz Markey were also performed.

 The second set was when Haynes joined the kids and the second set was all Butthole Surfers classics.  “Pepper”, “Rest Stop Round Up”, “Jimi”, “Sweat Loaf”, and “100 Million People Dead” were all performed alongside other random, reinterpreted BHS classics.

 “Pepper” is the most well known song from the band and it was done is a reggae/calypso style which made it almost unrecognizable unless you listened to the lyrics.  

 Gibby dryly joked about how lucky the crowd was to have him there; he said he knew it was an honor to be able to see him onstage, to see him, to be able to watch him, to be able to see him perform like that.  He said it all playfully as he made the octaves of his voice go up and down with his vocal toys. 

 For a Thursday night in Baltimore the size of the crowd was decent and one side note; if you’ve ever been to the Ottobar you KNOW to expect the opposite temperature inside as opposed to the outside. In the Summer it’s freezing inside the club and in the Winter it’s an oven in the club.  The temperature outside on this day was in the high 90’s and with the humidity it was absolutely sticky.  While it was hot as hell outside, Inside the club it was absolutely frigid and a hoodie was required because it was just a little too cold.

 At the merch table you could buy a tour litho or shirt for $20 and the shirts came in various sizes/colors.  Gibby and company brought their show to the Ottobar and what’s interesting is just how low-key it truly was.  Gibby was a 90’s rockstar and his song “Pepper” is still a rock radio staple, yet in 2022 he is an unassuming, older gentleman who looks nothing like a rockstar.  

Author: Bob Suehs