Aug 20, 2022

Brian Jack Memorial Show - Soundstage

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Featuring Child’s Play & The Blues Vultures



Baltimore, MD


Child’s Play Setlist: 

(John on vocals)

Good Ol’ Rock N Roll - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), Robbie (drums), Phil (guitar)

I Can’t Believe - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), Robbie (drums), Phil (guitar)

My Bottle - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), Robbie (drums), Phil (guitar)

What’s Next To The Moon (AC/DC cover) - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), Jason (drums), Phil (guitar)

Foolish Pride - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), Jason (drums), Phil (guitar)


(Larry on vocals)

Evicted - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), John (drums)

Damned - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), John (drums), Phil

LH Blues - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), John (drums), Phil, Bill

The Jack (AC/DC cover) - Nick (guitar), Idzi (guitar), John (Drums), Phil, Bill

Squealer - Nick (guitar), Idzi (guitar), John (drums), Phil (guitar)


(John & Larry vocals together)

Day After Night - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), Robbie (Drums), Phil

Wind - Nick (guitar), Idzi (bass), Robbie (drums), Phil (guitar)


**Brian Jack’s daughter Adrian talks about her Dad

 Hard Goodbye - John vocals, Billy (guitar)

The above set list may be hard to understand depending upon which era of the band Child’s Play you know.  To clarify, the players for the Child’s Play set were:

John Allen - drums & vocals

Larry Hinshaw - vocals

Phil Wiser - guitar & Keys

Nicky Kay - guitar

Idzi - bass & guitar

Billy Andrews - guitar

Rob Minnick - drums


This show was to celebrate the birthday of  Mr. Brian Jack who was born on August 16th and passed away in April of 2012.  The surviving members of Child’s Play, all era’s of the band, took the stage to celebrate Brian’s legacy and to give Baltimore, Maryland the chance to see all of the great Child’s Play classics performed live onstage again.

 KIX guitarist Ronnie Younkins opened the show with his band The Blues Vultures and their set started at 8 PM sharp with a healthy dose of 70’s styled rock n roll which borrowed heavily from Chuck BerryThe New York Dolls, and early Aerosmith.  Ronnie led the charge as the band pummeled through a nearly 60 minute set which ended with Ronnie walking through the crowd, guitar in hand, playing face to face with the crowd, taking selfies with the crowd, thanking people for coming out, and allowing the backing band to be the stars onstage while he roamed the crowd.

 Ronnie’s set ended at 9 PM and the stage was cleared fast for the Child’s Play tribute set.

 A large video screen set behind the stage and showed Brian Jack images thus setting the pace for what was about to come.  A video was shown which showed the history of Child’s Play from beginning until the end and there was also an “In Memoriam” section which acknowledged all of the Child’s Play members and crew who have since passed away.

 When the house lights dropped an old radio commercial from Baltimore’s 98 Rock was played.  It was an advertisement for the very first Child’s Play show and this led into the first song of their set, “Good Ol Rock N Roll” which was the perfect opener considering it summed up the bands overall vibe 100%.

 John Allen started the show off on lead vocals and continued for the first five songs.  The core backing band consisted of Nick, Phil, & Idzi on every song.  

 Drummer Rob Minnick played the first three songs, then Jason Heiser took over for two songs.  John Allen stepped behind the drum kit for five songs, then Rob came back out for the last two full band songs.

 Original Child’s Play vocalist Larry Hinshaw took the stage to sing classics from his era of the band and the highlight was a cover of AC/DC’s “The Jack” which the band nailed perfectly.  For this AC/DC cover Idzi switched to a Malcolm Young styled Gretch guitar and Billy Andrews joined the band on third guitar once his technical issues with gear were sorted out onstage.

 Larry commented that during John’s opening numbers everything went perfect and during his portion of the show everything seemed to go wrong due to a few technical issues with gear and sound.

 Random side note:  John played the drums barefoot and left his shoes off for the rest of the show.

 Phil played a Les Paul Custom silverburst randomly throughout the night and he eventually held the guitar up and told the crowd that it was Brian’s old guitar.  He told the crowd that he knew he was not as good as Brian on guitar but he was doing his best to honor Brian.  Shortly after that a random fan threw pink panties onstage and the band laughed at how random that was.  Phil hung the panties from his mic stand and they remained there until close to the end of the set.

John told the crowd that the song "My Bottle" would be featured in the Hammerjacks documentary slated for release in the next few months.

 “Wind” was the last song performed by the full band and John set the song up by saying it was a song that 98 Rock played a lot back in the day.  John said that some of his friends told him they had actually gotten sick of hearing the song after a while because it received an extreme amount of airplay locally.  

 Throughout the night John, Larry, and Phil shared memories of Brian Jack but the most touching moment of the night was when Brian’s daughter took the stage to talk about her Dad.  Adrian received a standing ovation and John presented her with a bag full of Birthday gift after her speech.  Everything in the bag was from her Dad’s past and included a rare VHS tape of Child’s Play recording their “Rat Race” record, rare vinyl, a rare Brian photo, and other stuff.

 The last song of the night was an acoustic track called “Hard Goodbye” and featured John on vocals and Bill on acoustic guitar.  John told the crowd that he hoped he could sing the song without breaking down because the last time he performed it, midway through, it hit him and he lost it.  John and Bill performed the track beautifully and midway through they both left the stage and audio of the original song with Brian on vocals played as archival video of Brian performing was played on the video screen in the background.  An acoustic guitar was set on a stand, Brian’s hat hung off a stand, an a sole spotlight shined on the hat/guitar as a lasting tribute/memory of Brian.  There was not a dry eye in the house as fans, friends, and family honored the fallen Baltimore Rock Icon.

In the back of the venue there was a silent auction table which featured various vintage Child's Play shirts direct from the bands personal collection, as well as original cassettes, a promo vinyl copy of "Rat Race", and available for direct purchase was stage used drumsticks signed by John Allen for $15, original Child's Play bumperstickers, signed/used drum heads for $20, and used/signed cymbals for $30.  




Author: Bob Suehs