Sep 23, 2022

Wednesday 13 - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


 Set List:  Blood Sucker, You’re So Hideous, Scream Baby Scream, Look What The Bats Dragged In, Get Your Grave On, From Here To The Hearse, I Want You Dead, Serpent Society, Good Day To Be A Bad Guy, Nowhere, Die My Bride, Grave Robbing USA, Inside’s Out, Decompose, Keep Watching The Skies, My Home Sweet Homicide, I Walked With A Zombie, Bad Things (note:  I Love To Say F**k was listed on the setlist but NOT played)

 Band Line Up:  Wednesday 13 (Vocals), Jack Tankersley & Roman Surman (Guitar), Troy Doebbler (bass), Mike Dupke (Drums)

 Wednesday 13 and crew toured extensively in support of their 2019 record “Necrophaze” after the world went back to normal post Covid.  In 2022 Mr. Motherf**cker and crew are back with a new “era” of the band in support of their “Horrifier” record.

 Essentially this show/tour is/was part 2 of Wednesday’s “20 Years of Fear” career spanning tour where the band performed songs from every era of Wednesday’s career including several Murderdolls songs.

 Wednesday 13’s newest record titled “Horrifier” has a release date of October 7, 2022 via Napalm Records and the first music video off the record, “You’re So Hideous” is inspired by the cult classic Linda Blair film “The Exorcist”“Insides Out” is the second music video off “Horrifier” and is one of the heaviest songs this band has ever written.  

 “Good Day To Be A Bad Guy” is a new song that the band added to the set list for this leg of the tour and it’s an anthemic rocker that displays musical growth within the bands writing.

 Baltimore Soundstage has a capacity of 1,000 bodies but on this night there was under 100 counting bands and crew.  Doors opened at 6 PM and the music started at 7 PM.  There were two local openers who clearly brought their own small following and both acts served up unique styles of hard rock; one band performed songs about movies while the other was an interesting mix of everything from pop to hardcore. 

 Wednesday 13 took the stage at 8:40 PM and the bands set was strong, precise, and to the point.  Opening with “Bloodsucker MF” the band came out strong and gave the audience pretty much everything they wanted.  

 “You’re So Hideous” was second in the set and clearly one of the stand out moments because the song is still new, fresh, and the band brought it to life onstage.  “Hideous” is a shining moment in Wednesday’s career because the song is an instant classic!

 “Look What The Bat’s Dragged In” sounded amazing and despite the crowd being small, the energy in the room was huge!  For those who don’t know, his one is an ode to Poison’s debut record.

 After “Good Day To Be A Bad Guy” was performed Wednesday told the crowd that the remainder of the show was dedicated to his past and he stated that “Nowhere” was one of his favorite songs and that it was one Joey Jordison (Slipknot) was extremely proud of.  Wednesday told the room that it was 20 years ago when he was finally able to quite his job at K-Mart and be a full time musician and he thanked Joey Jordison for that.

 “Die My Bride” and “Grave Robbing USA” from Frankenstein Drag Queens/Murderdolls era sounded amazing and “Insides Out” featured Wednesday in a butchers apron.  Wednesday did several costume changes throughout the night to accommodate the songs being performed.

The final 2 songs of the night were the Wednesday classics, “I Walked With A Zombie” and “Bad Things”

 The closer of the night was listed as “I Love To Say F**k” but for whatever reason when the band started “Bad Things” Wednesday stated that this would be the last song, and as soon as it was finished the house lights went on and the band left the stage.

 At the merch table fans had a nice selection of Wednesday 13 merch to choose from:  various shirt designs, banners, signed drum heads (Snare - $20, Bass drums - $100), guitar picks ($5 each), patches, stickers, and signed 8X10 photos.

 Wednesday 13 guitarists Jack Tankersley & Roman Surman came out to sign autographs and meet fans within 5 minutes of the bands set ending.  For those with a keen eye for detail; guitarist Jack Tankersley wore a "Rebel Rebel Hollywood" shirt onstage at this show as an ode to the Hollywood store's owner, Chris Leonard, who is a Maryland native.

Author: Bob Suehs