Apr 14, 2023

Fozzy - Soundstage

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“Save The World - Tour 2023”


Baltimore Soundstage

Baltimore, MD

 Fozzy Set List:  Sane, Drinkin With Jesus, Nowhere to Run, Do You Wanna Start a War, Lights Go Out, Relax, I Still Burn, Burn Me Out, Spider in My Mouth, God Pounds His Nails, Purifier, The Vulture Club, Enemy; ENCORE:  Judas, Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones Cover)

 Christopher Keith Irvine is best known to the world as pro wrestling superstar Chris Jericho.  Known as an over the top, in your face, high energy personality both in the wrestling ring and on the rock n roll stage, Jericho started the band Fozzy in 1999 with Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward.  Fozzy’s current lineup consists of Jericho on vocals, Rich Ward & Billy Grey on guitar, Trixter bassist P. J. Farley, and drummer Grant Brooks.

Currently (as of April, 2023) Fozzy have released eight studio records and one live album.  The first two Fozzy records consisted primarily of cover songs while record #3 - #8 were mostly original material.  The debut release from Fozzy explained who their influences were with tracks like “Eat The Rich” by Motorhead, “Live Wire” by Motley Crue, “Over The Mountain” by Ozzy, and “The Prisoner” by Iron MaidenFozzy are heavily influenced by 80’s hard rock and heavy metal and initially Jericho recorded under the name “Moongoose McQueen”

Fozzy was originally called “Fozzy Osbourne” and Jericho first met guitarist Rich Ward in Texas after a wrestling show.  Jericho was invited to perform with the Ward’s band and he actually sat in for a few sessions.  In 2000 Jericho became the bands full time singer.

 In 2003 Jericho dropped the “Moongoose” persona and for the “All That Remains” record they focused on all original material.  Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and massive wrestling fan Zakk Wylde made a guest appearance on the record as did Marty Friedman, and Alter Bridge members Myles Kennedy & Mark Tremonti.  

In 2016 Fozzy released the record “Judas”.  The single "Judas" was an immediate hit for the band and  received over 30 million views on YouTube.   The single also hit number 5 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs thus making it their highest charting position for a single to date.

Fozzy’s current release came out on May 6, 2022 and is titled “Boombox”.

Jericho and company played Baltimore Soundstage on Friday, April 14, 2023 and the show itself was loud, fast, upbeat, and chock full of energy.

Jericho wore a green blinged out jacket sans shirt, leather pants, and painted sneakers that featured art for his current tour.

Bassist P.J. Farley and guitarist Rich Ward interacted randomly throughout the night and at one point during the set Ward kissed Farley on the cheek.

At the merch table Jericho offered fans a wide assortment of merch which included signed setlists from that nights show.  A signed setlist was $20, guitar picks were $5 each, shirts were $35, and all of the Fozzy merch was very reasonably priced.  

The stage backdrop featured two large LEDs screens which displayed everything from horror movies to Japanese animation.    The venue was not totally sold out but was definitely packed in fairly tight and Jericho commented that it was one of the best shows on the tour.  

The overall sound mix was nice and loud with solid clarity between instruments and vocals.  Chris commands the stage much like he does in a wrestling ring and his fans are clearly into both aspects of his career.  The audience wore a mix of Jericho wrestling shirts and Fozzy band shirts.  What Fozzy bring to the small club stage is an arena sized performance packed with stamina, endurance, and non stop movement.  

One huge telltale sign that Jericho and the band are having the time of their lives onstage is the fact that they never stop smiling throughout the night and even when they try to act serious you can see that glimmer of excitement in their eyes, that zing in their step, and whether you love the bands music or not there’s no denying that they leave all of their energy on that stage.

Jericho's set ended with a metal styled cover of The Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop".

Author: Bob Suehs