May 11, 1999

Gidget Gein (Marilyn Manson) - Interview

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Brad Stewart aka Gidget Gein was the original bass player for Marilyn Manson & if you ever see video or old pictures from when Gidget was in the band, it's apparent that the persona of Twiggy Ramirez was totally ripped off from the Gidget Gein persona.

Gidget Gein passed away from an apparent drug overdose & it's a very sad situation...I had the opportunity to interview Gidget Gein back on May 11, 1999 & the interview was very candid, very raw, & Gidget laid it all out there, he gave me an interview I will never forget, he was very honest, he didn't hold back his thoughts & opinions & perhaps the most interesting I question I asked him in this interview was, "How would he like his fans to remember him?" & it's kinda morbid at this point because I honestly had no idea I would be re-publishing this interview again, only this time it would be as a tribute to the man & his musical legacy.

I am re-publishing this interview as a tribute to Gidget...he was a sweet person, he had a good heart, he had his personal problems with substance abuse & that's the real reason why he was dismissed from his place in Marilyn's the sad reality of life, that drugs can destroy not only the user's life, but the people in the user's life that genuinely care about that person...this interview is my personal way of paying tribute to Gidget Gein....he was a genuine rock star in every sense of the phrase & he will be missed.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you read Marilyn Manson's "Long Hard Road Out of Hell" autobiography?

Gidget Gein: I read part of it, I didn't really sit down to read it but there was things about me that I wanted to read

Rock N Roll Experience: How much of that stuff was true?

Gidget Gein: Well, the stuff that he wrote about me, pretty much..none of it, I mean it's all either exagorated, alot of the stuff that he wrote, he talked sorta happened, but he wasn't there, like the part where he talked about where he was at my house & these prostitutes came out of the closet...that sorta happened, but it really wasn't like that..the story is, there was one night after a show & I was at my apartment & Steve/Pogo, the keyboard player, he was there with his girlfriend & my girlfriend was there & it was her apartment...she was like a real bad drug addict at the time & she knew these people that...this black lady & her cousin or whatever & they were over there when I got home & they were hanging out in the closet & smoking crack or whatever & that's what it was, but Brian wasn't there & it didn't happen like, he said it happened at some other girls house I was going out with & it didn't.

Rock N Roll Experience: How about the story about you & the hairdresser from Manson's autobiography?

Gidget Gein: No no, that didn't happen. Back when I was in the band, there was always these rumors going around that we were all gay or bisexual or whatever & that guy Christopher who he's talking about was a friend of mine & nothing ever happened, we would just goof around & stuff but we never ever did anything

Rock N Roll Experience: have you talked to Brian (Marilyn Manson) or Scott (Daisy Berkowitz) lately?

Gidget Gein: Not lately, the last time I saw Scott he was still in the band & it was in a club & I was sitting down at a table & he came up to me & was like, "Hey, what's up, don't you recognize me?" & I was like, "What are you talking about, of course I recognize you." & he was like, "What, you don't want to talk to me?" & I was like, "No, I'll talk to you, what's going on?" & he was like, "Ohhh, Brian's a dick, I can't stand him no more, & he's a total asshole on this tour & this & that..& I'm thinking about quitting." & I was like, "That's funny, because I heard you were the next one to get fired from the band anyways!" & he was like, "what, what, what are you talking about, blah, blah." & then like a week later he got fired & that was the last time I talked to him. As far as Brian, the last time I talked to him was in New Orleans..I went up there with a friend of mine to met another friend & I got there & a few minutes later I saw Brian walking down the street so I ran across traffic & jumped right infront of him & grabbed him & scared the shit out of him & he was like, "What are you doing here?" & I was like, "I'm gonna kick your ass man!" & he was like, (does a scared sounding voice) & I was just kidding with him! But, yeah, that was the last time that I saw him & the last couple of years we've been talking to each other through lawyers & stuff like that, but I've got no hard feelings towards him at all, I'd like to talk to him & be friends, but I guess he's too busy

Rock N Roll Experience: Would you ever work with Marilyn Manson again on a musical level?

Gidget Gein: yeah, totally...actually, I think he needs it! he needs to get back to his roots

Rock N Roll Experience: What's your favorite Marilyn Manson song?

Gidget Gein: Probably a song I wrote called "Thing Maker" & that wasn't on any of the records.

Rock N Roll Experience: When it came to writing in Marilyn Manson, how much did you write, how much did Marilyn write & how much did Scott/Daisy write?

Gidget Gein: Brian/marilyn wrote all the lyrics & he wrote a teeny bit of music here & there, but pretty much me & Scott wrote all of the music & alot of the times when it was a song that I wrote, I would come up with a riff or something & then I'd bring it to the band & if I didn't have it finished then Scott would put guitar parts over it or the other way around, Scott would come up with a riff & then I would write some more to it & Scott wrote like maybe 10% more music than I did but pretty much, Me, Scott & Brian were pretty much equal song writers

Rock N Roll Experience: Does it make you mad when you see Marilyn Manson onstage & he has Twiggy playing a song like "Cake & Sodomy" which you wrote & played?

Gidget Gein: Not first I thought it was kinda pathetic because when he (Twiggy) joined tha band he would play all the songs that I wrote & he played every song note for note, he didn't add anything to it, & I thought that was kinda weak, I thought if you're gonna have a new person in the band, atleast add a little something to it instead of just, you know, copying somebody...if they wanted a copy, then why did they even replace me? They even had Twiggy dye his hair the same way, he had bright green roots & purple & black dreads when he joined the band, he wore the same clothes, even before he was in the band, me & him were friends & we'd go out thrift shopping & I'd buy him clothes & shit like that & when he joined the band he was wearing all the clothes I'd bought him! It doesn't really make me mad though, in a way I'm glad that I'm out of it because when I was in that band I didn't really have a voice, ya know? I always wanted to be the main song writer anyways because I always wrote lyrics & when I joined the band I wasn't even looking to join that band, I didn't even play bass, I was a guitar player, Brian asked me to play & while I learned the songs that's when I learned to play bass

Rock N Roll Experience: What's the wildest thing that ever happened to you onstage?

Gidget Gein: We were playing in Tampa opening for White Zombie, the show starts & you know, I'm jumping around like a madman like I always do, & in the beginning of the 2nd song I forget what it was, but it might have been "Misery Machine" I was jumping up & there was a speaker above me, like a monitor, & I bashed my head open really bad & I was bleeding all over the place & I bangin' my head & swingin' my hair around & blood was flying everywhere & the people in the crowd all thought it was part of the show or whatever, & my set list was filled with blood & some girl stole it, & my sound guy was trying to grab me to get me offstage & he looked at my head & told me I had to get offstage but I was like, no no no, I've gotta play, so I played like the whole show & afterwards I passed out from massive blood loss & I had to get rushed to the hospital to get my head stapled shut & Sean, the bass player from White Zombie, who I was in love with at the time, she was like helping me & putting a towel on my head & that was cool..that's kinda like the most wild thing I can think of

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you hook up with Sean from White Zombie?

Gidget Gein: No, I wish, but she was like married to Rob Zombie at the time.

Rock N Roll Experience: Was Sean actually married to Rob Zombie?

Gidget Gein: Yeah...they were an item

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of the current Marilyn Manson line-up? (this was during the Mechanical Animals era)

Gidget Gein: I think it could have been good but they did that image & they don't have the material to back it up..that's sorta how we were in the beginning...we were more colorful, but we had the songs..that's what I've always tried to do, have an image like that & then have really raw, angry music...the whole beauty & sickness theory, but yeah, I don't think it works too well & the songs...when I was in the band & was friends with Brian, we were really tight & we used to always talk & like everything that he used to rag on & make fun of he is doing now! Like for instance, the headset microphone, he used to hate that & rag on people who did that, he thought it was so ridiculous, & I went to go see them play like a month or 2 ago or whatever, & he was doing that thing with the crowd, like the total Def Leppard like rock thing, like, "Come on, I can't hear you!" that sorta thing & when Alice in Chains came out, we were really into them, that Dirt record & the one before that, & Brian used to say about Layne's lyrics..."It's so boring,I can't stand how all he sings about is drugs, it's so boring, why does he do that, god!" & now he's doing the same thing & it's like, this is ridiculous, I can't believe it, but yeah..the current lineup, musically, I guess they are ok, but there's so many songs that sound like other songs...I liked AntiChrist Superstar, I thought that was a really good record.

Rock N Roll Experience: How would you like people to remember Gidget Gein?

Gidget Gein: Somebody that was like a total fuck up, crazier, more out of control than like anybody, somebody that was like that, but totally changed & got their shit together, but was still cool & somebody that they could look up to. I was really out of control back then, but now I've got it together & I'd like to influence people in a positive way, especially with what's going on now...

RIP Gidget Gein aka Brad Stewart

Author: Bob Suehs