Apr 1, 2008

Kill Hannah (Mat) - Interview 2008

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Rock N Roll Experience: Is Kill Hannah still signed to Atlantic Records?

Mat: I think, technically, we are, well, you know what..we are not..we are on Roadrunner Records.

Rock N Roll Experience: So when does the new Kill Hannah studio record come out?

Mat: There's no official release date, but they are saying Spring of 2009

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have all the new material already written?

Mat: Yeah...we have a bunch of new things...we are playing one new song tonight called "Acid Rain" which is really cool

Rock N Roll Experience: What's the new song sound like?

Mat: To me it's like the quintessential Kill Hannah song, it's got all of the elements, it's dancable, but it's got depth too

Rock N Roll Experience: So tell me about "Hope for the Hopeless".

Mat: This is, we're taking advantage of a really weird legal loophole that we have between contracts with Atlantic & Roadrunner where we had this chance to self release something & it's kinda like how we had always done it before we were really in the game & so we put together alot of unreleased tracks, some b-sides & some demo's of new songs & just packaged it & it's just become one of my favorite records, I feel like it's a perfect...it's the perfect disc for any true old school kinda Kill Hannah fan that maybe felt that we had lost our way in the major label rat race

Rock N Roll Experience: How come "Welcome to Chicago" didn't make the new record?

Mat: I think we are waiting for the world to be ready for that one ha ha, I don't know..we need authorization from the president for that song..that's kinda...I think we kinda like the fact that that song, when we tour, even around the world, that's the song that kinda is the best gauge of how many genuine fanatics there are in the audience..I like it because it's a cult classic right now, once it gets released, who knows?

Rock N Roll Experience: How was the Velvet Revolver/Alice in Chains tour?

Mat: It was good, those guys are really cool...the catering was awesome, their wives & their kids were super nice, it was nice playing arena's, in Jones Beach, New York, we actually...you can go fishing off the back of the arena, because it's right on the bay, so wild things like that, & pretending your Bon Jovi for a month or 2, it's fun! Unfortunately our fans got kinda raped on the ticket price, that's one of the main reasons for this tour here, we're definitely more of a value for Kill Hannah fans

Rock N Roll Experience: So after this tour is over, what's next for Kill Hannah?

Mat: This is just the first 1/2 of the tour, we are going to be off for a month, write new material, then we are going to go to Europe for a month & 1/2, then as soon as we et back we are going right into the studio to finish the new record

Author: Bob Suehs