Mar 30, 2012

Trivium / Asking Alexandria -Sonar

Arriving late to this show was a mistake because it was a sold out all ages event that guaranteed a sea o’ hands with black x’s (that means under 21 fyi) & the tragic part of this show was the way security took care of things.
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Baltimore, MD


Arriving late to this show was a mistake because it was a sold out all ages event that guaranteed a sea o’ hands with black x’s (that means under 21 fyi) & the tragic part of this show was the way security took care of things.

Basically they didn’t do anything more than they had to and what I mean is there were kids getting hurt, there was a guy in the front against the barricade having a problem with his diabetes & the security just didn’t do their job making sure the kids were safe.

Quite literally, when a band left the stage so did the security that was supposed to be watching the crowd & guarding the stage... the worst thing I saw was a poor guy who had dropped his sugar pill & needed it badly for his diabetes....luckily I was up front & able to find it. I was also surprised to witness security allowing guys to put their girls on their shoulders in the mosh pit & they also allowed kids to climb the pillars of the club so they could get a better view...that was always a no/no at Sonar in the past. The worst thing to happen this night was when the barricade that separated the stage from the crowd up front slide forward & collapsed 2 times during the show. The 2nd time it happened this night I was pinned between the stage & the foot was literally being crushed because it was smashed between the barricade and the stage. I managed to pull my foot out with NO help from security & after the show I checked my throbbing foot to see my big toe nail was split in half & my sock was covered in blood...perhaps next time there’s a sold out show at Sonar in Baltimore they will learn to step it up & get security that does their job well.

Motionless in White was the first band I saw this night & looks wise they borrow from Black Veil Brides & Marilyn Manson equally but the sad part is the music is just noise & lacks the style or quality that both Manson & BVB present in their playing & writing.

Motionless in White look cool and it’s a shame their music doesn’t stand on its own because if you take away the bands look they have nothing memorable about them. Also it might be a good idea for the bands singer to wear a shirt!

Trivium were up next and I have to tell you it was an odd bill to see the band on because Trivium are a straight up metal band. They play good solos, they borrow a bit from Iron Maiden & Judas Priest yet add their own style & freshness to what they do and it was quite refreshing to hear a good metal band after hearing the noise of the prior band.

Trivium actually jumped off stage at various points & played inside the barricade to get closer to the kids & I doubt they knew the barricade had collapsed earlier or they would not have attempted that stunt!

I don’t know how well received Trivium were on this bill because this was clearly NOT their crowd but I do believe it was a smart move to do this tour because Trivium are playing for an entirely new audience & they rocked hard at this show!

I was impressed when I saw the stage set up Asking Alexandria had...their amps were were all joined together to create a large Union Jack flag on both sides of the stage & the members of Asking Alexandria were interesting when they took the stage....this was my first time actually seeing the band up close & their singer looks like Bob Seeger while their guitarists look emo & the drummer was on a riser so high up that I could hardly see him!

Interesting side note, during the first song I felt something hit my chest & I looked down to see it was a drum stick the drummer tossed out, then a song later I would find myself pinned in between the barricade & the stage....regardless of the occupational hazards involved with covering a rock show, it was an interesting night & Asking Alexandria made me laugh when they joked that they were ripping off Slipknot by asking the entire crowd to get down on the ground & then go crazy when they told them too....then a few songs later they attempted a “wall of death” which was nothing more than a large pit because the crowd didn’t do it quite right.

I was hoping to see the band do their cover of “Youth Gone Wild” by Skid Row but sadly they didn’t perform it & what I will say when I compare Asking Alexandria to Trivium for a moment is that A.A.’s music could use a few melodic breaks & an occasional solo to add a little diversity, but that’s just my opinion!


As an added bonus, here’s a bonus review!

Marky Ramone



Marky Ramone & Michael Graves made a tour stop in Baltimore the night after the Asking Alexandria free for all and the show was on the smaller stage at Sonar. It was a pure punk rock show and the crowd was a bit more sedate than the A.A. crowd....thank God!

Marky & company tore through a set of 30 some Ramones classics as well as a few Misfits numbers too!

This time around Michael Graves solo unplugged set was only 3 songs & it was less boring than the show last year where it felt like Graves performed his unplugged set forever!

All in all it was a fun night of classic punk rock & it is interesting how Graves does manage to conjure the ghost of Joey Ramone quite well...he sounds like him & adds a new life to the classic Ramones jams!

Author: Bob Suehs