Oct 19, 2009

Saliva - Interview 2007

Saliva have been out on the road for almost a year now & this was actually the third time the band played the Baltimore area this year. The band played a kick ass show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore & they were opening for the band Puddle of Mudd this time around.
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October 19, 2007

Baltimore, Maryland

Rams Head Live

Saliva have been out on the road for almost a year now & this was actually the third time the band played the Baltimore area this year. The band played a kick ass show at Rams Head Live in Baltimore & they were opening for the band Puddle of Mudd this time around. The bands set was a little less animated this time around because singer Josie Scott has an abscessed tooth, but what the singer lost in his stage performance, the other members of the band made up with in attitude, energy & showmanship! I had the chance to set down with the bands rhythm guitarist, Jonathan, prior to the band set & if you ever get to meet Jonathan, I will just go ahead & say it..Jonathan is freakin’ crazy, he’s a tried & true rock star that’s livin’ the life & as crazy as he looks onstage, he has that same personal offstage as well! I want to preamble this interview by explaining that as soon as the interview started, Jonathan told us that he wore speedo’s & he had the desire to show us, so the above picture is backstage with Jonathan when he decided to show us his speedos!

Rock N Roll Experience: How are you keeping the show fresh every night since the band has been on the road for a while now.

Jonathan: beer ha ha, I guess..uhmm, really, I don’t know how we are still going. It’s a different crowd every night, it s fun to play to a different crowd, so it usually keeps it fresh & I mean some nights are better than others obviously..we’ve had a couple of crowds that are like, why are they here? ha ha, why are yall here, yall not making any noise? Yall know you are at a rock concert? Thank you! Ad some crowds you can’t hold back with a f*cking 10 ton hammer which is what I prefer, so every night is something different & that kinda keeps it fresh

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you still doing the snippets of covers in between the set?

Jonathan: Yeah..we do a couple covers every night...we do like “the Wall” (Pink Floyd), The Police & then there’s an Eric Clapton song we do..Tears For Fears, ...it’s kinda like a medley & every once in a while there will be this Eric Clapton song that comes out in the middle of the set, I believe it’s “Cocaine” & it’s not really a cover of it, but we do play it.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you changing the set list every night?

Jonathan: No..there’s no change..ha ha, we only know so many songs so we can’t really change it up so we’ve added some songs since the last time we were in this area, like “King of the Stereo”, that’s the new single, so that’s why we added that, we were trying to work up “Kickstart My Heart”..sometimes we do an off the cuff version...a really off the cuff version of it,

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you using the talk box on the guitar?

Jonathan: No, no..that is a good idea, but we kinda just f*ck around with it, but we actually did talk about learning it & that song in particular, actually learning it right! So, that’s probably the only cover we’ll ever do

Rock N Roll Experience: You’re a big Motley Crue fan, right?

Jonathan: You have me nailed...I am the biggest Nikki Sixx fan on the face of the earth! Well, I wouldn’t say the face of the earth, I haven't seen all the Nikki Sixx fans, but I’m up there, I bought 2 copies of his book & I am on my 3rd read through, I don’t know why, & that & the Dirt are just like staples..

Rock N Roll Experience: I like “Dirt” better

Jonathan: Do you? Well, it’s not as depressing & it’s pretty good, I like it...”The Heroin Diaries” is kinda like How Not-To live your life...now here’s what you don’t need to do.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you believe all the stories in “The Dirt” though..I think alot od it’s made up.

Jonathan: I think lots of it is made up in both of them, there’s no way, & I understand entertainment value about the stories, but there is seriously no way you could live like that , like there’s no way, no way, like you could never do that! Maybe it is true though, I mean I don’t know, but yeah, I think some of it is more for entertainment purposes & it is entertaining, I’ll give you that .

Rock N Roll Experience: So are you getting along well on this tour with the Puddle of Mudd guys?

Jonathan: Yeah..they are good guys, Me & Wes were almost assaulted last night...I was at my ex girlfriends house & her ex boyfriend tried to break in & me & Wes were just hanging out & he said he was gonna bolt & I was in my speedos, because that is what I wear & if someone breaks in your house & this is all that you’ve got on (Jonathan is standing in his speedos at this point), mother f*ker, how do you defend yourself in a pair of speedos? But yeah, me & Wes have become good buddies...all the guys are really nice.

Rock N Roll Experience: So being the newest guy in the band, are they done hazing you now?

Jonathan: They don’t haze me too much...Paul is the one that get’s the hazing, I don’t know why, because he’s not the new guy, but everyone just likes to pick on Paul because he gets drunk & spills stuff everywhere

Paul: I haven't had a drink in like months ( a crew member chimes in & says he saw Paul drinking last night) Oh yeah..I have delusions sometimes when I drink...

Jonathan: They don’t haze me too much because they know better, because I’ll get real drunk & get naked & then no one wants to see that! We’ve already all seen it! When you’re doing the helicopter in the middle of the night, the punisher or the brutal noodle ha ha, & nobody really wants to see your penis, that’s why we don’t have liquor on the rider...sometimes we end up with a secret bottle of something that nobody knows about because some people in the band are not really allowed to drink, well, they are not allowed to but they try to, but we’d really highly enjoy if they did not, it would be alot easier if they did not drink, so we tried to nip that shit in the bud real quick because we know ourselves & that doesn’t mean I won’t be at the bar later, but on the bus, where there’s no bar, it gives you time to mildly sober up or maybe not. Rock N Roll Experience: Are you jammin at all with Puddle of Mudd on this tour?

Jonathan: no, but we should work that out...usually when we are done, we are all so wiped out that I can hardly move so, I don’t even think that’s came up..maybe we should ask Wes

Rock N Roll Experience: When this tour is over, what’s next?

Jonathan: Home for a little while....I don’t know how long we will be home, but we’ll be home for a little while...it’ll be the biggest break we’ve had since we started & we might go back out the first of the year

Rock N Roll Experience: I’ve heard you guys are working on new music..what does the new music sound like?

Jonathan: It’s the same Saliva..there’s gonna be some newer stuff..I really don’t know what it’s gonna sound like, it’s all on acoustic now, so by the time it makes it to tracking & recording, there’s no telling what it’s gonna sound like, so hopefully it’ll sound good.

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you leaning more towards the rock/rap stuff or more straight up rock?

Jonathan: I think straight ahead rock, I mean there’s a couple of the rappy type things on there, but that’s always gonna be a part of Saliva & I mean I kinda like it to, so hey, I’m not mad about it...I think it’s gonna be a really good record

Rock N Roll Experience: So when you’re off the road, what do you do with your off time?

Jonathan: Ok..next question ha ha...ever heard that term, sex, drugs & rock n roll? Not necessarily in that order, but yes, that’s exactly how I keep myself busy...actually, I keep myself busy making cloths

Rock N Roll Experience: Is Josie done acting in movies now?

Jonathan: We don;t know...if you ask him he’s not, but we don’t really know because I guess that’s his deal & I don’t know

I’d like to thank Jonathan for setting down with us & doing an great job at entertaining us, I know this interview might not read amazing, but if you were there you’d understand why it was sooo crazy! On a personal note, I have to admit that this night was one of the weirdest nights ever...there’s always a story inside a story, & there were soooo many things happening this night that it was beyond insane...

Author: Bob Suehs