Jan 30, 2007

Dean DeLeo (STP) - Interview

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dean De Leo before the Army of Anyone concert and Dean is a soft spoken, very down to earth guy who shows compassion for people, life, & I hate to say it, but he kinda reminds me of Tom Petty, just in his vibe, & that's REALLY cool!

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Dean DeLeo Interview


Recher Theater

Towson, Maryland

I had the opportunity to sit down with Dean De Leo before the Army of Anyone concert and Dean is a soft spoken, very down to earth guy who shows compassion for people, life, & I hate to say it, but he kinda reminds me of Tom Petty, just in his vibe, & that's REALLY cool! Anyways, here's what Dean had to say:

Rock N Roll Experience: I think Alot of the Army of Anyone record has a depressing vibe to it..it seems really dark to me..do you get that too?

Dean De Leo: Really? Oh shucks...well, that's interesting...when those songs were written, some of them were written 3 to 4 years ago...

Rock N Roll Experience: So are any of them STP left-overs?

Dean De Leo: No, STP wasn't doing anything..that is stuff that Robert & I wrote in between STP. It was probably the darkest time I'd ever experience in my existence...I guess that's inspiration, right? You can be inspired by the way the sun is shining off the mountains one day, or the way the sun is hitting a Birch tree, or whatever man..it can be tragic...something tragic..if you can kind of expand on whatever life hands you up, that's inspiration.

Rock N Roll Experience: How is it to play in a band with your brother?

Dean De Leo: It's the greatest man

Rock N Roll Experience: Would you ever play in a band without him?

Dean De Leo: I never did...we've never been in a band without each other...actually, my very first band I was without him, probably because we didn't have a bass player...we had a piano player & it was like in high school & that band kinda turned into this thing & Robert was playing with us & it's nice that you don't have to sell anybody on what you're going through, you don't have to set there & try to explain..do they really know what I'm feeling, do they really know what's happening? We know what each other are going through..good or bad & to have that shoulder to lean upon is pretty comforting.

Rock N Roll Experience: It's almost like Pantera with Vinnie & Dime

Dean De Leo: Yeah, you know..that's just a personal aspect of it, but let's talk about the artistic stand point, the musical stand point..it's literally like one mind totally! When Robert gives me a song I feel like I really own it & that's important because to embellish upon someone else's material or someone else's creativity is a hard thing...to really own it..that doesn't come around often, so when he lays something on me, I really truly feel like this came from me

Rock N Roll Experience: How many STP covers are you playing in your live show?

Dean De Leo: Well, are they really covers? They are my babies...I wrote them! I think we are doing 3 & then we do 3 Filter songs.

Rock N Roll Experience: Where did the name Army of Anyone come from?

Dean De Leo: Well, I fluctuate on the hope of mankind...we're the biggest degenerates to walk the earth...we are supposed to be the most advanced & I'm just let down time & time again...It's just delusional thinking...we could all just be one, complete love & no walls, no color, no religion...

Rock N Roll Experience: So does that mean you don't believe in God?

Dean De Leo: I do believe in God, but that's pretty vast...I think God is within everything, I think God lives within a rock...I think it's all about where our conscience lies & what we're willing to let in....that's what I find, but who am I to say?

Rock N Roll Experience: What is your favorite Filter song to play?

Dean De Leo: I had been wanting to play "Welcome to the Fold" for a long time...I air guitar to that song alot & unfortunately our management really stacked us up for rehearsals...we asked for 2 weeks of rehearsal because we really wanted to have a wealth of material but they fucking piled on press & if you really equate it, we had 2 full days of rehearsal..it was a drag, & I really wanted to do "Best Things", I really wanted to do that, there's actually alot of FIlter stuff that I want to do & there's alot more STP stuff I wanna do, I wanna even work up some cool Led Zeppelin covers...whatever, we just didn't have time! We literally got into rehearsal & then we had everybody & their brothers coming in for interviews & stuff

Rock N Roll Experience: So is Stone Temple Pilots done with now?

Dean De Leo: Uhmm, well, now, yeah...I don't see anything happening with that anytime soon, whatsoever, if at all

Rock N Roll Experience: Was the demise of Stone Temple Pilots all because of Scott Weiland?

Dean De Leo: No, that would be awful of me to put that on him...I'm sure we all had our hands in that one...it was what it was & it ran it's course...it wasn't all because of Scott...I have to accept my responsibility, which was alot.

Rock N Roll Experience: How was it touring with Megadeth when you were in STP?

Dean De Leo: I've got to say..that was really nice, because we had just finished up a club tour & we were doing the same thing we are doing now, & Dave Mustaine really took us under his wing & treated us really well & he was very integral into helping us get where we were & he really took us under his wing & we kinda watched & learned how to..not saying anything bad diplomatically, but we watched & learned what to do & what not to do

Rock N Roll Experience: How was it playing the Rolling Rock Town Fair when you were in STP?

Dean De Leo: That was a great show...I actually used alot of that footage for the dvd

Rock N Roll Experience: That show was so huge though, that it wasn't even like a rock show after a while..how was it for you?

Dean De Leo: It was great...the stage sounded amazing...it sounded really good & it was just nice being there with the Incubus guys & I'm very fond of them, & what was nice about that show was there's a song I wrote called "Long Way Home" that we had never performed (live) & I kinda just called that one out & it wasn't very well rehearsed, but I just called it out & we wound up going into it impromptu & that one was cool for me because I've been wanting to play that for some time live & actually that cut made the dvd

Rock N Roll Experience: I also remember that Scott Weiland came out dressed as Rob Halford from Judas Priest!

Dean De Leo: ha ha, yeah..I don't know, was it Halford of Freddie Mercury? Maybe it was an amalgamation of the 2 ha ha,

Rock N Roll Experience: Yeah, ya know, I got it right away when I saw it & alot of people didn't get it at that show..I thought it was funny.

Dean De Leo: You know, I don't think many people got Rob Halford through the 80's, I'd say most of that audience through the 80's was your Bud Weiser, Homophobic, wood splitting crowd, ya know? I don't think any of them knew. If you see Heavy Metal Parking lot (the movie), those people don't know, like some of those bushwhacker dudes who are like, rah, rah, rah, ....well, hopefully they learned....hopefully I hope Rob Halford raised some awareness & it would be nice to know that maybe people changed their minds on how they view people & not be so judgmental & so derogative about one's preferences.

Rock N Roll Experience: How was the KISS tour?

Dean De Leo: We didn't do it. Scott fucked that one up ha ha...we were supposed to open up for that tour at Tiger Stadium & we got into rehearsals for that one & Scott didn't show up.

Rock N Roll Experience: How pissed off were you at Scott then?

Dean De Leo: Yeah...yeah...it was pretty standard at that point in time for Scott to pull a no-show.

Author: Bob Suehs