Jun 15, 2006

Helmet (Page) - Interview

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Helmet delivered a really great live show, & it was funny how their set started..I was talking with the Senses Fail guys & all of a sudden "Unsung" starts & the Senses Fail boys go, “Shit....Helmet is on..we gotta go!” & I ran over to catch their set as well. Page is the only original member in the band & although he might be a little older than some of the guys on this bill, he can still rock with the best of them! I had the opportunity to chat with Page for a few minutes, & he is pretty much the anti-rockstar..he's very low-key, very mellow, & actually nice! Here's what Page had to say: Rock N Roll Experience: Is this your first time playing Warped?

Page: It is

Rock N Roll Experience: Don't you think Helmet is a little too heavy for Warped?

Page: I don't know..we will see ha ha...we might scare some of them,

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you relate more to the metal side or the hardcore side?

Page: Gosh..you know, I sorta have an affinity for both, ironically, like some of the bands that I grew up on are like the Buzzcocks & Killing Joke & also Led Zeppelin & Aerosmith & I guess people kinda thought of us as a hardcore band from New York, but we were never really part of that Brooklyn scene.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is Frank Bello still a member of Helmet?

Page: Frank Bello is not..he is in Anthrax & his wife just had a baby..he is happily home in New York & relaxing.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you see Anthrax on their reunion tour?

Page: I did not..I saw them about a year earlier & it wasn't the original..I got so busy that when they came through town that I couldn't make it to the show & I was bummed.

Rock N Roll Experience: How are you picking your set list?

Page: We are gonna play 30 minutes, so we are doing a cross section of stuff..we are gonna do a couple of things off "Meantime", things off "Betty", a couple of things off "Size Matters" & playing things off the new album

Rock N Roll Experience: Where are you going after Warped is over?

Page: I have a couple of artists I hope to be working with...a band from Australia called Exploders..they want me to produce their record, & there's this pianist in New York (I could not get the persons name..sorry!), so I'm gonna have a couple of things..sorta some civil time in between tours & I think we talked about maybe doing a Warcon tour with all of the Warcon bands & then I wanna get to Europe before the end of the year, because I love November/December in Europe...it's less crowded with bands.when you do the Summer festivals, it's fun, but it just wears on you because every band is over there & your bus is not as nice & you get hot, so I love to do a winter thing & do like a club tour over there.


Author: Bob Suehs