Nov 9, 2009

Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) - Interview

An interview with Stephen Pearcy from Ratt!
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Rock N Roll Experience: So how has the unplugged tour been so far?

Stephen Pearcy: So far, so good, so interesting.

Rock N Roll Experience: When you say interesting is that good or bad?

Stephen Pearcy: Well there is alot of good & then there's a little commotion in there, but you know what..I just do my thing & everybodies...I mean it's going great, I mean there's some shows that have been very well received & there should be alot more of these shows.

Rock N Roll Experience: I loved the cover of "Walkin the Dog" you did live here in Maryland

Stephen Pearcy: I tell you far as my approach to the metal mania stripped anthem, this tour is such an odd concept that & my Ratt-Bastards, we just directed it like, well we're gonna just shake it up here...every night we're just gonna play something different & it's just such a new thing aint like the 60's...there's no flowers in my hair ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Does it feel a little awkward though, because you've always performed electric for the most part


Stephen Pearcy: Yeah, but you know, because even though it looks like I'm just jackin' up there with Willy my guitar, but no, I can actually play & I have fun just getting comfortable with that & playing...that's how I started this whole thing up anyways...I started on acoustic guitars


Rock N Roll Experience: Are you doing the Led Zeppelin covers on this tour every night?

Stephen Pearcy: Yeah...we are gonna do something different tonight..we are gonna try something else..maybe bring out the drummer from Firehouse.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is it odd playing without a drummer?

Stephen Pearcy: know what...if you're gonna do it, I wanna do it all the way & it was like when I did unplugged on MTV, we didn't do "Round & Round", so it's just all new & I'd rather keep it that's like I'm taking the orders to that approach & not dating myself, but I'm taking the approach guitar players...they are into that compression & they do that whole, I just wanna get a mic infront &'s fun.

Rock N Roll Experience: I'm surprised you didn't play "Mother Blues" unplugged on this tour.


Stephen Pearcy: You know what...that is gonna be thrown in there...I'm actually working it out now ha ha...but yeah, we'll throw that in there & that's what I'm saying...we haven't even started up our engines...I'd like to play hours...I'm probably gonna release an acoustic album on my label of re-recorded Ratt shit, but who knows. My band Ratt never really did much of that stuff...even on MTV Unplugged we did "Oh Well", & "Born on the Bayou" & we might do "Ramble On" or I don't know..any thing...we can throw down quite a few songs.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you happen to catch Jani Lane's weird set in Maryland?

Stephen Pearcy: I don't really check out the bands much...I did like the first night, but no...I heard it was pretty know comment, you know what I'm saying? But, his voice is invincible...if he can pull his shit together that would be cool...I'm not worried about his slip up, I'm not worried about anybody.

Rock N Roll Experience: Will there eventually be any jamming with the other bands?

Stephen Pearcy: Yes...I'mm trying to instigate that...that is what I am saying..I wish there was more time for this tour, but I gotta go out & plug in soon & I've got a tour with the Ratt-Bastards & we are getting ready to do our 2nd video & my label Top Fuel & I've got shit to do.


Author: Bob Suehs