Nov 9, 2009

Kip Winger - Interview

An interview with Kip Winger!
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Rock N Roll Experience: Is Kip your real name?

Kip Winger: Charles Frederick Kip

Rock N Roll Experience: What kind of name is Kip..that is an odd name?

Kip Winger: I don't Mom just called me Kip from the day I was born, so..

Rock N Roll Experience: How has the tour been so far?

Kip Winger: Really cool..all sell out dates except for one so far & everything is good.

Rock N Roll Experience: I saw you when you played here in Maryland the other night.

Kip Winger: How did you like Jani? ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: Let me ask you..what did happen with Jani's set & Jani?

Kip Winger: Fuck...ask him's none of my's none of my business...I just do what I do & that's it.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you enjoy playing guitar more than bass on this tour since you are playing guitar?

Kip Winger: I've done over 1,000 of these acoustic gigs..I do like an hour & 1/2 set on my 12 string alone since '96, so it's just another day at the office for me.

Rock N Roll Experience: When this tour is done will you continue performing with Reb Beach?

Kip Winger: Nope...Reb is is White Snake right now & making a 4th solo album & producing a band & I'm just kinda doing my own thing so...

Rock N Roll Experience: So is this tour the first time in a long time that you have performed onstage with Reb?

Kip Winger: No...we do gigs now & again...we're always doing something here & there.

Rock N Roll Experience: I have to ask a really stupid question now...did Reb used to get perms back in Winger's heyday, because his hair is straight now & it used to be really curly.

Kip Winger: Well...does it really matter?

Rock N Roll Experience:'s just a stupid question.

Kip Winger: It is a very stupid question to ask actually...ha ha, well of course he did...everyone should know that.

Rock N Roll Experience: When you perform the Winger songs like "Seventeen" unplugged there is no guitar you miss the guitar solos?

Kip Winger: is what it is just play acoustic & I don't really care about the original music, I mean it's great if we play it in the band & if we don't do just kinda is what it is.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is the song "Seventeen" based after a true story that happened to you or is it just a story?

Kip Winger: It's derivative of true stuff....the story is actually fairly true, but when you're writing a song you kinda always add something.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever have any drugs problems or substance use?

Kip Winger: Nope...I'm not that weak.


Author: Bob Suehs