Apr 21, 2005

Garbage - 9:30 Club



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9:30 Club

Washington, DC

SETLIST:  intro / Queer, Bad Boyfriend, Supervixen, Run Baby Run, Stupid Girl, Hammering in my Head, Vow, Grow Up, Bleed Like Me, I Think I'm Paranoid, Push It, Only Happy When it Rains, Why Do You Love Me, ENCORE:  Metal Heart, Cherry Lips, Sex is Not the Enemy

It was an interesting week for me, personally, because I saw 2 concerts in the same week..one was an 80's hair band & the other was considered to be Modern Rock Royalty, & this review is about the latter...who is the band I am talking about? None other than Garbage!

Garbage have a stellar new record out called "Bleed Like Me" & after a 2 year break that almost saw the end of the band, the Garbage fans are being treated in 2005 to a full blown tour by the band. The opening band was called The Dead 60's & to be totally honest with you, the singer looked like a squirrel & a monkey crossed together, the band played a few covers (bob Marley & the Clash) & honestly, I was bored to tears!

I looked around me & there was a few people who liked their stuff, but overall, they did not fit the bill that well in my opinion. Garbage took the stage around 10 PM & the bands intro on their tour is the Johnny Cash cover of NIN's "Hurt" which leads directly into "Queer". I found that to be interesting, because with the band opening every night with "Queer", it's almost like taking their career full circle, because "Queer" was the bands first successful hit in the USA. Before anyone emails me & says it, I am well aware that "Vow" was the bands first (& in my opinion best!) single!

"Bad Boyfriend" was the 2nd song in the set & it got the crowd all fired up with those fancy guitar riffs & Shirley's sexy & seductive allure....it was plain to see & hear that Garbage were back with a vengeance in DC tonight!

I'm not sure how many people know this, but the ENTIRE nights performance was taped for future release..it's uncertain whether it will be a MTV, MTV2, VH!, FUSE, or DVD release/performance, but it was taped in it's entirety!

Shirley was dressed in a black skirt/dress & fishnets with her scarlet hair flying around her like flames from a phoenix! Shirley is perhaps the best front-woman I have ever seen..she simply controls the stage & the crowd, BUT, with the taping going on, it felt like sometimes the bands was concerned about the taping more than the crowd, & I cannot blame them, I mean the camera's were everywhere & it can be intimidating at times!

A few items to note are that this is the first gig where "Run Baby Run" was performed on the tour so far & during "Cherry Lips" Shirley messed up the entire beginning of the song!.

At one point, Shirley looked out into the crowd & there was a girl wearing the same exact outfit Shirley had on & Shirley looked at her & said, "Are you a witch? You have the same cloths on that I do...are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

Shirley commented that they had played DC so many times that it felt like home & she also made a comment about the rats at the old 9:30 club & some of the bad hotels they stayed at on their first tour.

Duke was dressed up like a business man in a nice suit & shades & Duke really brings alot of class to his side of the stage, whereas Steve Marker brings a bit more of a punk rock energy to the mix & Steve tends to get more worked up in his playing.

Duke played his drums behind a Plexiglas shield for sound reasons & was dead on, but the center piece of Garbage always has been & always will be Shirley, who runs all over the stage, works the crowd, & is a hot little Scottish siren who demands all of the attention!

The band closed their initial set with "Only Happy When It Rains" followed by "Why Do You Love Me?" which rocked!

Eric Avery, formerly of Janes Addiction, was a great addition to the bands live line-up. "Bleed Like Me" was perhaps the darkest song of the evening & honestly, this song live can send chills up your spine! "Vow" was perhaps the most rockin moment of the show, because "Vow" is the bands hardest rockin song & I personally thought it was the highlight of the night musically!

The bands encore was 3 songs, which were "Metal Heart", "Cherry Lips" which was dedicated to a girl who requested the song early in the morning on a radio promotion & the closer this time was "Sex is Not the Enemy" & for this show, since it was being taped, the band did something really special....Shirley put a flesh colored halter top/bra on & towards the end of the song, Shirley pulls her top down, which was a mockery of the Janet Jackson/Superbowl incident & all of a sudden 3 cops come out & grab Shirley & carry her off & the band immediately stops playing & the cops say, "Show's over...go home now" & the band (Duke, Butch, Steve & Eric) storm off the stage as Shirley is carried off stage by these mock policemen.

This was a pretty unique thing, but the crowd actually wanted a little more as the band played about 75 minutes & no one was really sure if that infact was the ending, because the band did not thank the crowd, there was no guitar pics or drum sticks tossed out...the band LITERALLY walked off the stage looking pissed off, which is what will make this look really good when it is finally released. It was really funny, because like 2 minutes after the band left the stage, the crowd started chanting "Bull Shit" repeatedly, because we all wanted more Garbage, but that was it & the house lights came on & the show was over!

Author: Bob Suehs