Apr 5, 2009

Faster Pussycat - House of Rock

I think the really surreal thing was seeing a band that used to be pretty big, playing a really small club, screwing up alot, & not really looking like big rock stars, which is what made this one of the most memorable trainwrecks ever!
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April 19, 2005

White Marsh, Maryland

To set the scene/mood of the evening....it was a warm Spring night, the sun had just went down, & it was a Tuesday night in White Marsh, Maryland. The surroundings are pretty much run-down businesses & it's pretty much in a truckers area with several Adult establishments (dirty book stores) in the area & a strip club not too far away.

I got to the House of Rock at a little after 8 PM & there was literally a handful of people there. The club is actually really nice, there are neon lights & tv monitors everywhere & this is probably the nicest rock music club I have ever been to!

Originally, the first band was to take the stage at 8:30 PM, or so the guy on the phone that answered for the club had told me, but the first band actually came on around 9:30 PM & it was a local band that played all covers.

Yawn....I won't trash them too much, I mean they got up & did their thing & they played some classic rock (Black Sabbath) & alot of modern stuff (Godsmack, Chevelle, Limp Bizkit)....they were okay, but the small crowd really showed no enthusiasm for them.

Brand New Sin were next on the bill & for those of you not familiar with Brand New Sin, they are 5 sludgy riff-wranglers who play a tuned down style of metal that reminds me of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Machine Head & Hatebreed in different ways.

The band played about an hour & the singer told a story of how the club's owner fed them possibly their best meal ever while on the road...he got them steak dinners & took really good care of them! Overall, I though Brand New Sin were excellent, but the small crowd was neither excited, nor unexcited by the band, which led me to believe that this billing was a good one in theory, but technically, a Faster Pussycat crowd is very different than a Brand New Sin crowd, because the B.N.S. crowd should have been moshing & tearing it up, whereas the 'Pussycat crowd is more mellow.

Brand New Sin poured their hearts out on the stage, & in a flurry their set was over. Brand New Sin actually used the same amps & drum kit as Faster Pussycat too!

After Brand New Sin finished their set, Xstian from Faster Pussycat went onstage to test his guitar set up & the bands drummer made some altercations to the drum set that B.N.S. used, adding so electronic triggers. Shortly thereafter, maybe 25 minutes later the house music stopped & the first person I saw to take the stage was a person who appeared to be Eric Griffin, bassist for the Murderdolls, playing the roll of guitarist Brent Muscat. Honestly, at first, I thought that from a distance it was Taime with a new haircut & new look, but then Taime strolled onto the stage in black vinyl pants, black hat, black shades, & long black locks lookin' like one of Manson's older Spooky Kids!

I can't really recall the exact set list, because the show was all over the place & this was not a band that was polished by any means! In fact, this was the first show of the tour & first show with Eric on guitar & the band were sloppy as hell! Bassist Danny Nordahl, who is the tallest & skinniest guy in the band, had bass problems all night & he literally threw his bass on the ground atleast 3 or more times & I think one of the things that determined his mood was his high level of intoxication that evening!

Taime made reference to the bands upcoming new studio CD that is supposed to see the light of day this Summer, & out of the 3 times I have seen Faster Pussycat, this was definitely the weirdest, because they were all over the place & at times, there was no direction in their songs or performance. I truly believe that the band gave their all, & I read alot of negative things about this show, but to be honest with you, it was very entertaining in a Spinal Tap sorta way!

Taime apologized numerous times for all of the problems & perhaps the biggest blow-up of the evening came when Danny threw his bass off during "Bathroom Wall" & the rest of the band tried to hold it together & finish it while Taime called for Danny to get back onstage. When Danny disappeared, Taime got pretty upset & walked off & Xstian followed thereafter, leaving Eric & the drummer to noodle around.

When Eric tried to pick up Danny's bass & play it, it was actually really funny to see just how tall Danny is, because Danny's bass strap was almost to Eric's knees & Eric had trouble using Danny's strap & looking comfortable. Eric was probably the most exciting to watch on the stage, because he got right in the crowds face, was totally on, jumped on the side monitors to look in the club, & was full of life!

There was a drunk guy in the front of the stage that knocked over monitors & actually set a small fire in a cup & almost set Eric's hair on fire at one point...I was really surprised that security didn't step in right away!

Taime's voice sounded as good as it did back in the day, & Taime actually teased the crowd with the Partridge Families "I Think I Love You". Taime was cracking jokes & teasing the crowd with his odd & witty lines, & during one point, he seemed a little pissed at a heckler & acted as if he was gonna smack the guy with his mic stand, but then Taime later laughed it off.

I thought Faster Pussycat's sound was excellent & the overall mix allowed you to hear every guitar solo & every whine of Taime's voice. Perhaps the 2 fan favorites of the night were "House of Pain" & "Babylon", but I was really glad to hear "Don't Change That Song" which is a classic of the bands debut release!

Naturally, the band played "Shut Up & Fuck" & Taime dedicated it to Betty Blowtorch's bassist who he called the best bassist in the world!

After Faster Pussycat's set, the entire band came out & took pics with fans & signed autographs, & when I met Danny & said a few words to him, he asked me to open hi beer & when I pulled out a New York Loose CD for him to autograph, Danny said, "That is a really good band" & we chatted for a minute about NY Loose & when I asked him why the band broke up he said, "Man, I don't wanna go into that." After meeting Taime for a few minutes, I decided to leave & ran into Eric outside & I asked him what the Murderdolls were up to & he said, "Nothing!" & I said goodbye & have a safe trip & that was pretty much it. I think the really surreal thing was seeing a band that used to be pretty big, playing a really small club, screwing up alot, & not really looking like big rock stars, which is what made this one of the most memorable trainwrecks ever!

Author: Bob Suehs