Apr 18, 2002

Motorhead - Interview

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Motorhead has been around forever....if you’re a fan of hard music, you know Motorhead, if you’re not then you’ve still probably seen their main man Lemmy in a movie, or on TV, or somewhere....Motorhead is a rock n roll institution & I refuse to hype them...they do not need it....I had the opportunity to Interview Phil & Mikkey from the band prior to their show at the Recher Theatre in Maryland, & here’s what they had to say!

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you watch the Osbournes TV show on MTV?

Phil: No, I haven't seen it yet, I’ve read all about it & stuff & am looking forward to seeing it at some point...I’m sure we’ll see it real soon

Rock N Roll Experience: Who chose Morbid Angel as your opening act for this tour?

Phil: Promoters, agents

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you satisfied with them as an opening act?

Mikkey: Yeah, they’re okay guys

Phil: We played with them before, they were opening for Black Sabbath in ‘95, so we know all of them

Rock N Roll Experience: What was the first concert you saw?

Phil: Deep Purple in 1970

Mikkey: Mine was Deep Purple as well

Rock N Roll Experience: What was the last concert you’ve seen besides Motorhead?

Phil: Aerosmith/Cheap Trick in Los Angeles

Mikkey: Deep Purple Rock N Roll Experience: But Deep Purple isn’t quite the same without Ritchie Blackmore, do you think?

Phil: Steve Morse is a great player, they are still a great band

Mikkey: But now that John Lorde is out, now it’s not really the same...I’d say there goes 70% of the band Rock N Roll Experience: What new bands do you like?

Phil: Tool

Mikkey: Linkin Park, Fuel is really good

Phil: Linkin Park is great, there are so many good bands, it’s a little different style here in the states than in Europe, there’s alot of really hot bands over there...Blink 182 is good Rock N Roll Experience: I’m surprised you like Blink 182...they are so poppy sounding

Phil: Yeah, but you know, to us either it’s good or bad, I’m really wide, I listen to everything that is good...if it’s pop or if it’s fusion, it doesn't matter, if I like it, I like it...my kids bring just about every new rock album home, so I’ve got to listen to it all & some of the stuff I like, some I don’t

Rock N Roll Experience: Mikkey, do you still keep in touch with King Diamond?

Mikkey: Not so much personally, I see him once & a while, I spoke to him not too long ago, everyone else like Andy LaRoche, we live in the same town & we’re out every other weekend drinking some beers.

Phil: We tried calling King last week

Mikkey: Yeah, I tried to call him last week when I was in Dallas but I think I had an old number, I speak to all of the old band members, but when I’m in town me & Andy go out every other weekend Rock N Roll Experience: Is Mikkey Dee your real name?

Mikkey: Michael

Rock N Roll Experience: What happened to Phil Taylor?

Phil: He’s living in LA at the moment & I’m not quite sure if he’s playing or not

Mikkey: The last I had head of him, he was booted out of a garage band & that was probably & year ago.

Phil: Yeah, when he rejoined the band he was a little bit ropey, we thought he was away for 3 year or so & that he’d be better, but unfortunately he couldn’t cut it..I loved the guy to death but he could do a straight drum beat & it’s a shame, but perhaps he’s way better now, who knows Rock N Roll Experience: Do you still keep in touch with Fast Eddie Clarke?

Phil: Yeah, I spoke to him a couple weeks before the tour

Mikkey: We see him in London, he jams with us every time we play London

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you keep in touch with Wurzel?

Phil: I called him again about 6 weeks ago & he was in the house, but his girlfriend wouldn’t give him the phone.

Mikkey: That’s the problem...the chic, she won’t give him the messages, she’s a dragon from hell. Wurzel is lovely, we had a blast the last time we saw him & every time we leave a message he doesn’t get the message....everytime we’re in town we call but she always answers the phone & she’ll never give him the message.

Rock N Roll Experience: How did you get involved with the WWF?

Phil: I think initially what it was, well my kids have been watching it for years & years, so I was watching it & noticed these heavy sorta guitar riffs in the music, so I said to our manage that it would be great to get involved with the WWF & as it turned out Triple H is a Motorhead fan & he asked for us.

Mikkey: All of this little extra shit that you do on the side is always fun to do, so we didn’t know it was going to escalate to what it did, but it’s fun

Rock N Roll Experience: Does the Motorhead mascot have a name?

Phil: Shirley...no, Wanker, don’t think he’s got a name.

Mikkey: We should call it Bob ha ha

Phil: Bob, yeah, Bobby ha ha

Rock N Roll Experience: “Did you realize that “Dr. Love” was a KISS song, because you have a song with that title on your new CD.”

Phil: No

Mikkey: a what song

Phil: A KISS song, there’s all sorts, “Brave New World” is an Iron Maiden Song & then there’s that KISS thing...there’s alot of things like that, but we don’t think about that unless it’s super, super obvious.

Author: Bob Suehs