Aug 30, 2009

KORN (Jonathan Davis) - Interview

An interview with Jonathan Davis from KORN!
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Rock N Roll Experience: What made you do a cover of the song “Wicked”?

Jonathan Davis: Because everyone in the band is really into (Ice) Cube...I’m not really into that much gangsta stuff but Cube’s the shit and we really like that song.

Rock N Roll Experience: Why did you cover the song “Low Rider”?

Jonathan Davis: “Low Rider” was just a song that, it fit with the crowd of people that come out to the shows, it’s a cool song, it just fit...the song was just perfect for us for some reason & doing the bagpipes just made it sicker, I like it.

Rock N Roll Experience: What exactly are you saying in the song “Twist”?

Jonathan Davis: Not a damn’s my crazy scatting style I guess.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you hate Mr. Rogers?

Jonathan Davis: Yeah, I hate Mr. Rogers. I don’t like Mr. Rogers at all. That song is about child TV, any children's television programs ...they are really kinda screwed up & I just picked on Mr. Rogers...there’s some sick stuff on you’ve got Mr. McFeely, and some really sick shit but I’ve got a whole bunch o’ video tapes of Mr. Rogers and some of the shit they say & stuff is pretty f**king sick!

Rock N Roll Experience: Is “Kill You” about anyone in particular?

Jonathan Davis: Yeah, my ex Step Mom

Rock N Roll Experience: Is she still alive?

Jonathan Davis: Yes, she’s still alive but ny Dad divorced her, thank God!

Rock N Roll Experience: Is there any unreleased material from the “Life is Peachy” record?

Jonathan Davis: There’s one unreleased song ....we did 15 tracks & 14 are on the album and it’s a song called “Proud” and it’s a really good song.

Rock N Roll Experience: What’s the song “Porno Creep” about?

Jonathan Davis: That’s just the name we called it, it’s just like funky f**kin’ porno music

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you into jazz at all?

Jonathan Davis: We don’t buy jazz stuff, I listen to like Winton Marsallis stuff, but not really..there’s some influence there & we know how to play jazz but I wouldn’t say we listen to it or are influenced by it.

Rock N Roll Experience: As far as tours go, who gave Korn their big first break?

Jonathan Davis:

Rock N Roll Experience:

Jonathan Davis: House of Pain & Biohazard

Rock N Roll Experience: Are you a fan of the Howard Stern show?

Jonathan Davis: yeah! Me & Fieldy, before the band was signed and stuff we worked as carpet cleaners & we always had him on, it’s all we listened to all morning


Author: Bob Suehs