Jun 5, 2003

Lamb of God / Shadow's Fall / Killswitch Engage - Interviews

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An Interview with the 2003 Headbangers Ball Tour Bands

In 2003 the Headbanger’s Ball tour featured Shadow’s Fall, Lamb of God & Killswitch Engage and to coincide with the tour I interviewed Brian from Shadow's Fall, Howard from Killswitch Engage & Randy from Lamb of God.


FIRST Up was Randy from LAMB OF GOD:

Rock N Roll Experience: "Where are you originally from?"

Randy: I'm From Richmond, Virginia...I'm a southern boy, we like it warm

Rock N Roll Experience: "How's the Headbangers Ball tour been so far?"

Randy: It's been unbelievable, I mean every night is crazy, the turnouts are great, all the bands are doing really well, I mean all of us in the bands have been friends for years, so it's like one big family rolling around drinking alot, rocking every night

Rock N Roll Experience: "I noticed in your advertisements that it says, move over "St. Anger", this is the record of the year...do you feel that way?"

Randy: We didn't say that, I think someone from CMJ said that & I'm sure our label put that on there, I don't know if I would be so bold as to say it's the record of the year, but it's a good one

Rock N Roll Experience: "Did you like St. Anger" by Metallica?"

Randy: Uhhh, I haven't listened to it....I heard a little bit of the single, but I was not very pleased with it, so I just said okay, whatever I mean I was a huge Metallica fan when I was younger, like Ride the Lightning, Kill 'Em All, Master of Puppets, all of that stuff, but I haven't listened to the new stuff, I mean from the little clips that I heard, I don't wanna get angry, so I won't listen to it....I don't want St. Anger to anger me

Rock N Roll Experience: "What do you think of the current state of Heavy Metal?"

Randy: It's a good time right now, nusic is coming out & getting popular, I think due to the economical & political climate.... people are ready for something a little more real than the Backstreet Boys. I don't really care if it (heavy metal) get big & blows up, because it's always gonna be around, aggressive music will always be there in the underground, if I want it, I'll go to the underground, because that's where I come from

Rock N Roll Experience: Will there be any jamming among the bands on the Headbangers Ball tour?

Randy: Oh yeah, every single night...there's alot of stupidity that happens on this tour, we have a song called "11th Hour" & when we were in the studio, my guitar player Mark came to me & asked me to write a song about addiction & I happened to write about beer, that's what I like, & I found out that Shadow's Fall, who are our bro's, had also been writing a song about drinking called the "Destroyer of Senses" so I called up Brian from the studio & said look, I've got these lyrics already wrote for this song, but I just read that you've got a drinking song called "Destroyed...", I'm gonna steal your lyric & throw it in & he said go for it because it's kind of like a shout out, he's my bro, so every single night when we play "11th Hour", Brian comes out & sings a line & every night when Shadow's Fall plays "Destroyer of Senses" I go out & sing part of that song.

Rock N Roll Experience: "What's been the highlight of the tour so far for you?"

Randy: Probably our Philly show or Worcester, those are always great, great, great towns for all 3 bands & Philly was insane, we headlined that night & it was a good time

Rock N Roll Experience: "With a band name like Lamb of God, I wanted to ask you, what religion are you?"

Randy: I would not consider myself a Christian....I was raised in the church, my Father is a Southern Baptist minister, but I'm certainly not an Atheist, I would say you can call me an Agnostic I guess, I believe in a higher power, I just don't know exactly what it is, besides beer (ha ha ha) & myself


Next up was Brian from SHADOW'S FALL: Rock N Roll Experience: When the Headbanger's Ball tour ends, will you start on the next Shadow's Fall record, or tour more?"

Brian: We're actually gonna take our first extended break which for us is very rare, like the last 3 years, the longest break we've had was like 4 weeks, so we're taking from December to April off, we may do a couple shows here & a couple of shows there, but it's mostly getting back into the rehearsal studio, regrouping & recovering a little bit & getting in the studio

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have any good stories from the 2003 Ozzfest?"

Brian: The entire Ozzfest tour was a story, it was just chaos...some of the things I remember are like your normal touring insanity....there was alot of good parties, we had a night where we surrounded all of the buses & we had DJ's & just threw a bash till like 6 in the morning. Cradle of Filth started a junk sculpture contest too that was really ridiculous were everyone got a bag or junk & had to build something...following around Lorenzo from Sworn Enemy everyday, there was a new story, Lorenzo was definitely the MVP of the 2nd stage as far as he goes

Rock N Roll Experience: "Did you get to hang out with marilyn manson?"

Brian: Not too much, his drummer Ginger would ride his mini bike over alot, but Marilyn kept to himself....out of the mainstage bands, the only band that really came over to the 2nd stage alot was all of the guys from Disturbed, they would come every morning & watch all of the bands & hang out, they never had body guards, security, etc., like the rest of the bands, especially like Korn...you couldn't even get past their line of security.

Rock N Roll Experience: "Did you meet any of the guys from Korn?"

Brian: Yeah, for like a second, but usually their security guard would push you out of the way, but I didn't really have much of a desire to meet any of those people anyway, so....

Rock N Roll Experience: "Did you get to meet Ozzy?"

Brian: For a very brief & hilarious second....I bumped into him coming out of the dining area where he was setting up to jump rope which was pretty amazing ha ha, but I did get to meet Sharon, who was so nice to all of us & looked amazing, so she's definitely stayed fit.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you jam with any bands on Ozzfest?

Brian: Not too much onstage, like Howard from Killswitch would come up every now & then as well as the guys from Sworn Enemy, also with Hotwire, who were one of my favorite bands on the tour, but besides that, John, our guitar player, actually got to go on the bus with Zakk Wylde & jam for a while & that was amazing, he was so so stoked & Zakk had been giving him alot of props in the press, so it was funny when Zakk first came down & John was a little drunk & Zakk throws him a guitar & says PLAY!, so John looks at him & plays the entire "Miracle Man" solo note for note & Zakk goes, You Got It!

Rock N Roll Experience: How's the Headbanger's Ball tour been so far?

Brian: It's been ridiculous, every night the shows have been packed, kids have been going off from the first band to the last, there is no filler, it's funny, because we put this tour together before MTV2 got involved, we wanted the ultimate American Metal tour, all of our friends, bands that are at the same level, we've toured with Killswitch & Lamb multiple times, we're all good friends with everyone & the kids have been responding to all of the bands, we're just stoked to be part of it.

Rock N Roll Experience: "What did you think of Metallica's "St. Anger"?"

Brian: Personally, I've only heard a few of the tunes, I've heard the singles & honestly, it's weird, because I think there might be some decent riffs on that record, I just can't hear them, the production is just confusing & I thought it was just my ears for a little while, but I think it's just the way that record sounds but atleast it came out & they wanted to do something a little bit heavy, a little bit selfish, I think they have every right to do that...I'm not feeling it personally, I'll put on Master of Puppets when I feel like listening to Metallica


Howard: It's been really good, If you want, you can just cut & paste everything that Brian said (in your previous) interview (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: What's the highlight of the tour been so far for you?

Howard: Worcester & Philadelphia

Rock N Roll Experience: That's what Brian & Randy said

Howard: Yeah, there's no way to really explain those shows....for a couple of underground bands to get the kind of response that we got & to have as much fun as we had, I mean every show's been good, but those 2 were just....

Rock N Roll Experience: Does your guitar Adam player dress up strange every night like he did on Ozzfest?

Howard: No, he doesn't dress up every night, on Ozzfest, that was a special occasion so it was kind of to keep the fun going...the daisy duke shorts, drawing genitalia on his leg

Rock N Roll Experience: He was kind of like Marilyn Manson on the 2nd stage

Howard: yeah (laughs very hard)

Rock N Roll Experience: "What did you think of Metallica's "St. Anger"?"

Howard: Next question (laughs), It was a disappointment, it's like they tried to sound like the bands that are relevant today & they should have just stuck with what they are good at, but hey, I give them credit for trying

Rock N Roll Experience: I think they should have taken Killswitch out with them on the Summer Sanitarium instead of Limp Bizkit & Linkin Park

Howard: They've barely even heard of us, the bottom line for a band like that really comes down to dollars & cents & even though they could have paid us & Shadows alot less, the amount of draw they got from those bands was a factor, plus the fact that they maybe heard our name once in their lives, so as far as they know we are just a crappy band in a garage that has no validity, so what do they know?

Rock N Roll Experience: Your guitar player licks the back of his guitar neck alot...is he a big White snake & Quiet Riot fan?"

Howard: I think we are all big fans of White Snake & Quiet Riot, like most metal bands of the 80's...everything from Warrant to White Lion & everything else, but I think he just likes to lick his guitar because he likes to lick his guitar (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: I wouldn't picture you as a big Warrant fan...what is your favorite Warrant song?

Howard: Oh wow....I mean you can always go with "Cherry Pie", but the thing is, they were really good song writers & alot of their songs were really good!


Author: Bob Suehs