Nov 18, 2009

Rob Halford - Interview

A vintage interview with Rob Halford (Judas Priest) from 11/18/93
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Rock N Roll Experience: How does it make you feel when you see members of Judas Priest talk bad about you in the media?

Rob Halford: Well of course it makes me very angry but I think that they do themselves a disservice by using that kind of language in the press. I’ve always tried to, when I was with Priest, to really show myself as a professional representative of the work but unfortunately they chose to use the press as a place to wash some dirty laundry so I became the victim out of those circumstances.

Rock N Roll Experience: If they asked you to rejoin Judas Priest would you consider it?

Rob Halford: I’d go back if I could but they don’t want me back.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is that hard to admit?

Rob Halford: No, not really because that’s the kind of people they are.

Rock N Roll Experience: Comparing Fight to Judas Priest, is Fight a much better situation for you?

Rob Halford: Well it’s a completely different animal so we find it difficult to make any kind of reference in that respect. They are 2 totally different bands & I just hope that people will give fight the separation & the identity that we deserve.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you approach Scott Travis to leave Judas Priest with you?

Rob Halford: It was his choice, he called me up and asked if he could come in and take over the drumming role that was vacant & that’s what he did.

Rock N Roll Experience: Can you tell me how Fight got together?

Rob Halford: Jay Jay & Brian had come down from Toledo, Ohio with Jay Jay’s band Cyanide from Phoenix, Arizona & they were looking for some kind of representation. Jay Jay is a tattoo artist & is a very talented musician of course & he was doing some work on my one day in the tattoo shop & he told me that he was a bass player and asked me if I would come and check his band out. I did and when I saw Brian & Jay Jay working as a team like they did together I was absolutely staggered by the possibility of them coming into Fight & working with them. That’s pretty much how Brian and Jay Jay came aboard. Scott as I say came over from Priest because I guess he wanted to fulfill some more musical opportunities for himself and Russ I’d known for a few years from California. He’d always impressed me by being such a guitar virtuoso & I just really liked the complex possibilities available of having 2 distinctively different styles of guitar players working together.

Rock N Roll Experience: Were you the one who came up with the name Judas Priest?

Rob Halford: No, the name was there when I joined the band & the name itself came about in 1968.

Rock N Roll Experience: What does the name Judas Priest mean?

Rob Halford: I’ve no idea.

Rock N Roll Experience: With your singing style is it hard to sing like that on a tour night after night?

Rob Halford: Yes, it’s extremely hard especially when I have to do like 7 or 8 interviews a day .

Rock N Roll Experience: What is the song “Contortion” about?

Rob Halford: That basically addresses the ecological topic...alot of people talk about the fact that we live in a very fragile society & that we’re always taking more from the system than we are putting back but it seems that now we have this big Ozone layer on top of us & below us that...the greenhouse effect & definitely some physical manifestations are taking place that people are now doing something about....I think that’s yet another issue that should always be looked at and talked about

Rock N Roll Experience: At what age did you begin singing?

Rob Halford: I guess I was about 15 years old when I first started singing.


Author: Bob Suehs