Mar 7, 1996

Iron Maiden (Bruce & Dave) - Interview

2 Vintage interviews from 1996 with Dave Murray & Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden!

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Dave Murray - 3/7/96

Rock N Roll Experience: How long does it take you to get down the double leads you do?

Dave Murray: Not that long really, we don’t really work at it, we just go in the studio & if it’s a harmony or something we’ll set there and work it out & spend a few minutes doing that and so we don’t really spend that much time with it so we keep it fresh. In the live show there’s alot of songs that have harmonies in between leads and that sorta thing but it’s more like a chemistry, it just happens naturally.

Rock N Roll Experience: How did you go about picking Blaze for Iron Maiden?

Dave Murray: He was in a band called Wolfsbane previously and Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane had toured together so we got to know him through that tour and when Bruce left the band Blaze was our first choice really...we had about 1,000 tapes sent in from all over the world & we sat down & listened to the end we had about a dozen people come down & audition and Blaze was one of them. Out of all those guys Blaze just stood out really & he was a fan of the band, he was really into our music & just his way of singing really suited the band and also his personallity...that’s another thing really, so he had all these qualities & putting new blood in the band really recharged us....we were very happy with the way things worked out.

Rock N Roll Experience: Was there any other recognizable names who auditioned for Bruce’s old spot?

Dave Murray: It was mainly guys in bands who were doing clubs but nobody that you’d have heard of or would know.

Rock N Roll Experience: Did you ever consider getting Rob Halford to join Iron Maiden?

Dave Murray: No, Rob was in his own band and committed to his own thing but we never really thought about Rob Halford. He’s a great singer but he probably wouldn’t have worked out.

Rock N Roll Experience: How do you feel about all the re-releases of the old Iron Maiden records?

Dave Murray: I think it’s good...alot of the fans that we’ve met all seem to be buying those cd’s & it’s a chance for them to get into the band and get stuff that was just released as b-sides and songs that you couldn’t previously get in the US before. I think it was priced pretty good too for what you’re getting. Also with some of the early albums there were no lyrics so we repackaged it & put the lyrics there and everything. I think it’s a good thing.

Rock N Roll Experience: There’s a b-side that’s nothing more than an argument between Nikko & Steve...what was that argument about?

Dave Murray: Yeah, “Mission from Harry”, that happened in Allentown I think, what happened was Steve’s equipment had broken down on stage and he was trying to get a message to Nicko to do a drum solo & it was one of those things where there was a communication breakdown and it was frustration because when your gear goes down you are upset & it was just a combination of that and tension....also, Bruce was in the room when they had started having that argument and he had a tape recorder with him so he recorded it and that was it.


Bruce Dickinson - 6/5/96 Rock N Roll Experience: Do you still keep in touch with any of the guys from Iron Maiden?

Bruce Dickinson: Yeah, sure...I’ll go out for a beer with them occasionally

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think of the material Iron Maiden did without you?

Bruce Dickinson: It’s be honest with you I’m basically not interested in doing that kind of music anymore so I can’t listen to was 3 years ago & that seems like a millions miles ago.

Rock N Roll Experience: What made you cut your hair short?

Bruce Dickinson: I was bored with it, I was kinda fed up with it, it kept calling in the soup.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you have any other Iron Maiden arguments on tape like the track “Mission from Harry”?

Bruce Dickinson: (laughs) No I don’t (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: Was Steve Harris mad that you recorded that argument?

Bruce Dickinson: Yeah, pretty much...Nicko tried to get it and I hit him in the stomach and said hey, fuck that, mainly because I had it as an idea for a b-side on the next album (laughs)

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you like the Iron Maiden re-releases?

Bruce Dickinson: I think it’s pretty cool actually, mainly because alot of people couldn’t get it or didn’t have it and I think it’s really packaged well & a good value for the money.


Author: Bob Suehs