Dec 10, 2011

Corey Taylor - Soundstage

This show was divided into 4 pieces....part one was Corey taking the stage & doing a mini stand up routine.

Part two of the show was Corey reading a passage from his book.

Part three was Corey taking questions from the crowd.

Part Four was the "performance" part of the show and the set list for the musical

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December 10, 2011

Baltimore, Maryland


Corey Taylor Set List:  Dying, Bother, Hesitate, ZZYZX, Through Glass, Spit It Out, Snuff, Something I Can Never Have (NIN cover), Burnin' Love (Elvis cover), Holy Diver (Dio cover), Down In A Hole (Alice in Chains cover), With or Without You (U2 cover), You Got Lucky (Tom Petty cover), Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd cover), Outsider (Ramones cover), Ice Cream Man (Van Halen cover), X-mas Song

This show was divided into 4 pieces....part one was Corey taking the stage & doing a mini stand up routine.

Part two of the show was Corey reading a passage from his book.

Part three was Corey taking questions from the crowd.

Part Four was the "performance" part of the show and the set list for the musical performance was:

Corey's backdrop looked like something you might see on CMT (The Country Music Channel) because it was essentially an old school sheriff's badge that had "CMFT" in the middle which stood for "Corey M.F.'n Taylor" & the venue was set up like a weird mash up of a dinner theater meets a concert hall and what I mean by that is the main floor was standing room only as if it were a rock show & the very back of the venue was seated with tables where people were eating dinner while Corey performed & there was also an area set aside on stage left that was all VIP where they had seated tables & fans paid extra to enjoy the performance from behind a barricade and supposedly they were to get a meet & greet with Corey as well but on this night the meet & greet didn't happen as planned, but more on that later.

When Corey took the stage sporting his beret & going into his stand up routine my first thought was that he was a mix of Michael Bolton meets Gallagher minus all the frizzy hair!

Taylor did a rant that focused on politics & he said it was due partially to the fact that he was so close to DC. Taylor went off on Presidential Candidate Cain by stating that he had no clue why so many women would wanna admit being with him because he was the equivalence of Bookman from Good Times & any woman who had sex with him was crazy because he has nothing going on looks wise & then he tossed out this joke:

"What do you call a penis mixed with a potato?" A Dick-tator!

Corey went into a rant about how Cain was an older man & that older men have old, sagging, wrinkly balls and this led into Cory admitting to the crowd that as he gets older his balls are sagging more & more and that he's considering getting tattooed sag marks on his leg much like you would for a child to mark how they grow taller because as Corey put it, no one ever told him his balls would sag so much the older he gets...the sagging balls joke was a recurring theme throughout the night too!

The opening stand up routine was a nice way to warm up the crowd but when he went into the passage reading from his book it suddenly became just a bit...stiff & what I mean by that is, most of the crowd wanted to see Corey do music, we suffered through the spoken word parts to see the music & the doors opened at 6 PM, Corey took the stage just before 8 PM & he was done by 10:45 PM...this was a long night for spoken word & Corey was smart when you think about it because if he had started with the music part of the show I believe alot o' the crowd would have left because the music was what we all went to see & he made you wait till he was done talking before you could see him play music...that was smart Mr. Taylor!

So the passage reading on this night was a chapter from his book about where he grew up at and seeing him read his own work onstage was....I hate to say it....BORING!!!!!

I felt like I was in school during the book reading part of the set & was glad that he didn't draw that part of the show out too long because right after that was the Q&A part of the night & Corey set it up before he started by saying DO NOT request songs or autographs, this was part of the set was for questions, NOT a request like, "Will you sign my truck or sign my baby?" Corey said that if anyone asked him to sign a truck or a baby that he would keep both!

The Q&A part of the set was entertaining simply because his fans who wanted to ask questions were....typical metal head stereo-types who had nothing intelligent to say!

Actually there were a few interesting questions BUT the dumb people who wanted to say stupid things out numbered the good questions!

One fan asked if he could give Corey a birthday gift he made him & it was a pic he had drawn of Dimebag Darrel & another woman asked some weird question about politics that Corey made fun of, then the topper was some guy who asked Corey a question about his book....the question was something along the lines of "Who were you talking about when you said some guy on tour was a dick?" & Corey basically made fun of the guy and asked him if he was talking about HIS book because he had no clue what he was talking about & went on to the next question.

The most interesting question of the night was "What does the song "30/30 150" mean?" and Corey admitted this was the first time he'd ever told the story behind that song & the story was simply that in highschool his pants size was 30/30 & he weighted 150 lbs & that the song was his fuck you to all the kids who messed with him in highschool.

Corey told the crowd that he was taking a 5 minute piss break between the Q&A and music part of set because he had just turned 38 and he needed to pee between sets since his balls were sagging so bad at his current age.

For the musical part of the night Corey came out solo for the first couple o' songs & later he was accompanied by a 2nd guitarist & the interesting thing about the 2nd guitarist was that he played left handed & his guitar was strung upside down meaning the light E strings were at the top of the guitar as opposed to being at the bottom of the guitar & as you can see by the setlist posted above, the set was a mix of Stone Sour, Slipknot & numerous covers...the most unique song of the night was the country version of "Spit it Out" which was almost unrecognizable at first but the clear highlights for me personally were "Ice Cream Man" by Van Halen which sounded amazing & the cover of NIN's "Something I Can Never Have" which was hauntingly beautiful & without a doubt the highlight of the night!

During the song "Snuff" Corey started to cry at the end of the song and I'll admit that I almost laughed at him and you might ask, "Why?" and it's Because seeing him cry at the end of that song was almost like seeing him cry on TV when he got his Paul came off weird and we were talking about that TV clip where he was crying while getting the tattoo just before the show had started & my buddies all chimed in that Corey came off like a pussy when he cried on TV like that; we wondered if it was real or staged and seeing him do the same exact thing onstage it was like dejavu!

When the show was over Corey thanked the crowd & left the stage.

Well, it's interesting to note that by the end of the night the temperature was around 35 degrees out & there was a nice sized crowd outside the bus in the freezing cold to meet Taylor.

Taylor came out, walked past the crowd, got on his bus & the crowd stood there hoping he'd throw them a bone & sign the books they bought at the show BUT no dice; the bus pulled off & Corey pissed off the frozen fans outside the bus by driving off.

It didn't really bother me that he didn't take the time to meet his fans, I laughed at how they stood in the freezing cold to meet him. His performance was good and the show was solid, he gave the fans a unique evening & the only thing I will admit to is that standing on my feet for over 2 & 1/2 hours & having most of that be spoken word performance left me with a different kind o' tired from a "show" than I'm used to because at a rock show the music can give you the adrenaline that you need to get you through the tired feeling from standing in the same spot all night whereas at a spoken word show that's closed out by an acoustic performance you lose the energy that you get from a loud rock show....oh well, it was an experience that all in attendance will never forget!


Author: Bob Suehs