Jul 21, 2012

Ozzy Osbourne, For Fear Itself & more!

Ozzy, For Fear Itself, Peter Green & More!

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”Speak of the Devil - Live from Irvine Meadows ‘82” - DVD

Track Listing:

In 1982 while Ozzy was establishing himself as a solo artist after leaving Black Sabbath he experienced a huge setback when his guitarist Randy Rhoads died in a tragic plane accident. Rather than stopping the tour when Randy died Ozz decided to get a replacement guitarist in Brad Gillis who would finish the rest of the tour with Ozz & co.

This dvd captures the tail end of the ‘82 Ozzy tour & it’s tragic that Randy didn’t live long enough to be a part of this professionally filmed concert which originally aired on MTV back in the day.

There have been grainy bootleg versions of this concert for many years but Eagle Vision has acquired the rights to release it officially here in the States & it shows a young Ozzy, Rudy Sarzo & Tommy Aldridge with Brad Gillis filling in for Rhoads on guitar. The band is in their prime yet there is a sadness onstage because Randy is missing.

Midgets, A Huge castle backdrop & Ozzy pre-plastic surgery are just a handful of the things you get on this concert disc & the set list really gives the best of what Ozzy had to offer with a few Sabbath gems tossed in at the end of the concert.

”Goodbye To Romance” is touching & “Believer” is my personal favorite off this set BUT it’s odd to see Brad Gillis playing with Ozzy because he fills in perfectly for Rhoads but he doesn’t quite fit Ozzy’s standards in my opinion. This is a must have vid though for all metal fans because it’s a great snap shot at classic vintage Ozzy!



”Edges of the World”

Track Listing: Days Ago, Bones, Edges of the World, Riders On The Storm

After is a very cool modern rock band who sent me their latest 4 song EP which has 3 originals & one cover. The Doors “Riders On The Storm” get a modern rock make over while still maintaining the vibe of the original and the music of After is simple modern rock with attitude.

“Days Ago” is a rocker, “Bones” is melodic, “Edge of the World” is interesting. After is a band worth checking out & I give it to them for having a very professional EP with great sound & cool art. I also have to thank them for the t-shirt they sent me!








Track Listing: Forever (Death To Little King), Deecohder, Resistance, Act of Desperation, Dreamer Benz or Bentley, Infinite

Musically For Fear Itself mixes emo with screamo and the moments of sweetness are limited because the band sticks to a formula that’s bleak and twisted with ever so small touches of goth synth here & there which add a weird but unique sound & style to what the band does.

The artwork for this EP matches the music perfectly because it’s all kinda hard to explain & better left to the listener to interpret. Overall this was a cool listen though & if you care to learn more about For Fear Itself please go to facebook.com/forfearitself

PETER GREEN Splinter Group

”Blues Don’t Change”

Track Listing: I Believe My Time Ain’t Long, Take Out Some Insurance, When It All Comes Down, Honey Bee, Little Red Rooster, Don’t Start Me Talking, Nobody Knows You When You’re Down & Out, Help Me Through The Day, Honest I Do, Blues Don’t Change, Crawlin’ King Snake

Peter Green is a solid rock guitarist & with his latest record he goes back in time to pay homage to some of his blues influences....the Kings are covered (Freddie, BB, Albert) as well as a slew o’ Blues legends and the only thing I can say is I wish I’d heard of Peter Green long before now because the man is a good guitarist & plays from the heart...the tracks on this cd all sound amazing & there’s slow blues, upbeat blues, angry blues, sad blues & down and out blues. This record has it all so definitely check it out if you like blues guitar playing!

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Author: Bob Suehs