Apr 19, 2013

Goatwhore / Three Inches of Blood - Ottobar

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April 19, 2013

Baltimore, MD


Deep within the realm of the underground metal world Goatwhore lurk about pretty much unknown to the mainstream world yet their fan base is rather strong & supportive of what the band does...this point was well proven when the Goatwhore / Three Inches of Blood tour played Maryland on April 19, 2013. I was rather impressed to see the Ottobar packed with rabid death metal fans who came out in droves to support their favorite band(s) on this night.

This particular show started around 6 PM and featured a ridiculous amount of bands...I arrived in time to catch the last 3 on the bill & for this show I DID wear earplugs simply because the volume was so loud that it hurt my ears!

Jackson & ESP were the guitar brands of choice for every band on this bill and when you see a death metal show you realize how subtle mellow moments are lost in death metal because EVERY song is pure aggression & extremes....but then again that IS what death metal is all about!

Three Inches of Blood have changed quite a bit over the years...at one time they featured 2 lead singers but have scaled the band back to just one singer now and the bands opening song “Heavy Metal Woman” actually made me laugh on a personal level because while the band take what they do seriously they are also a tad over the top with their “Heavy Metal” pride. T.I.B’s music is an ode to all things old school metal from Iron Maiden & Judas Priest to Dio...it’s pure metal and just a tad goofy if you read into their lyrics just a little.

Goatwhore were the main band on this bill and they took the stage just after midnight. When the band took the stage you could see the crowd thin out just a little because the fans who arrived early to catch all the bands had petered out after a while....you have to figure this was a 6+ hour show with non stop music all night and what I give the Ottobar credit for is that they kept the club nice & cool so no one got overheated....the mosh pit was moving most of the night & the club was not too hot inside which was good for everyone attending show!

Goatwhore’s set was non stop aggression, they tossed in a few new songs alongside the older material....I can’t say one bad thing about their set because it was exactly how a death metal show should be..it was dark, heavy, loud & intense. Goatwhore offers their fans a release from the hum drum pace of every day life and I had no idea Goatwhore had such a big following.

What I got from this show was that the underground still exists and that metal fans still support the bands they love....it was nice to see a show that basically got no major advertisement yet sold so well...it proves that people still like rock in this town despite it being a predominantly urban area at this point.


Author: Bob Suehs