Jun 8, 2013

Judas Priest, Dio, Rolling Stones & Frank Zappa

Judas Priest, Frank Zappa, Dio, Rolling Stones

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”A Token of His Extreme” dvd

Recorded before I was born, this self produced Zappa special was meant for TV but sadly never made it on the air in the states the way Zappa intended. The show has finally been released on dvd & the quirky musical workings of Zappa complete with his weird sense of humor & art is a sight for soar eyes when you realize this show was one of the most sought after bootlegs because it was never officially released in the USA!

The packaging is pretty cool, the liner notes & included booklet give you an old school TV artwork packaging & this is a fun watch for both the casual Zappa fans as well as the die hards because as odd as it is at times, it all makes sense when you watch it in it’s entirity..it’s like Monty Python on acid!


”Finding The Sacred Heart - Live in Philly 1986”

Fully restored & in it’s original running order, this is the first time DIO’s 1996 Philly show has been released on dvd & it was an interesting time in DIO’s career because this was the tour where Vivian Campbell was replaced with Craig Goldy and the band could have easily fallen apart yet managed to get even stronger with Craig on guitar!

Covering all the bases on this concert DIO does the best of his solo work with a few Sabbath tracks mixed in for fun...the giant Dragon is the star of the show though!

The bonus features on this disc are cool & include vintage interviews with DIO, “Rock N Roll Children” music video & some added behind the scenes footage...all in all this is a cool package for the DIO fans because until now this concert was never available in this form.


”Epitaph” dvd

When KK Downing left Judas Priest I’ll admit that I wrote the band off because he WAS 1/2 of the original guitar duo that created ALL of the classic Priest music. Watching this new Priest dvd I will admit that new axe man Richie Faulkner adds some much needed energy & excitement to Judas Priest and if anything I’ll credit him for saving the band because adding a younger man on that stage with the older dudes gives the band a completely NEW style & feel while still maintaining the classic Priest sound.

“Metal Gods”, “Breaking The Law”, “Painkiller” & “Electric Eye” are highlights of this show while “Diamonds & Rust” might shock old school fans because the song starts out mellow & unplugged!

I give it to Halford & the boys, they tear it up on this dvd & for older men they still have “it” when they play live!


”Crossfire Hurricane” dvd

Yet another brand new documentary on the worlds longest running rock n roll band, The Rolling Stones! This one features rare footage, new interviews & is officially endorsed by the band complete with cool extras that include some vintage concert footage that’s never been released on dvd before!

What I’ll say about this disc is that it covers alot of the same territory that most fans already know BUT it’s done it a way that’s interesting, informative & it’s laid out in a way that’s unique to this package...it’s well put together & tells the story of the band quite well.

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Author: Bob Suehs