Jul 23, 2013

The Virgin Marys - Soundstage



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July 23, 2013

Baltimore, MD


Formed in 2006 and based out of Macclesfield, England The Virgin Marys are a fun 3 piece rock band who’s sound is best described as hard rock with punky edges with the occasional blues soaked melody for balance.

The Virgin Marys played Baltimore, Maryland for the first time ever on July 23rd and singer/guitarist Ally Dickaty commented that he personally looked forward to playing Baltimore because he’s a huge fan of the TV show The Wire.

Local openers Nightsbridge did a great job of warming the crowd up this night with their brand of rock n roll debauchery.

When The Virgin Marys took the stage I realized that lead singer/guitarist Ally’s looks are a cross between the masculine side of Gavin Rossdale coupled with Stephen Jenkins from Third Eye Blind and a touch of Billy Joe from Greenday....he’s a manly frontman and his playing is gutsy, strong and pure rock n roll fury while bassist Matt Rose reminds me of Kurt Cobain with his scruffy appearance & slacker demeanor and drummer Danny Dolan looked like an angry mime with his striped shirt & suspenders.

Musically The Virgin Mary’s kicked ass and delivered a strong set of non stop riff rock that made the rock n roll starved crowd quite happy!

When the band finished their set the crowd demanded more music so the band took the stage once more and played an extra song not listed on the set list. If you like real, old school rock n roll with NO tracks & NO samples then this is a band you must see because they pour their hearts into their performance and they will impressed the hell out of you!

Author: Bob Suehs