Jul 26, 2013

Buckcherry - Power Plant Live

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July 26, 2013

Baltimore, MD

Power Plant Live

Josh Todd and the boys have played several free shows for Baltimore over the years and they returned on July 26, 2013 to give back to the city once more with a 2 hour set that rocked hard with all the hits & many deep cuts.

It was odd to see the band open their set with “Lit Up” which is essentially one of their biggest hits.....I give it to Buckcherry because they started the set off really strong with “Lit Up”, “Rescue Me”, Broken Glass”, etc. & all their stronger material opened the show. The band mixed in “Ridin” off their 2nd record and added a few new songs to keep it fresh while keeping all the hits in tact.

Naturally “Crazy Bitch” was the closer for the bands first set & their encore kicked off with “Brooklyn” which sounded bluesy & tight.

The crowd for this show was interesting because I can remember years ago the Buckcherry crowd was a real rock n roll crowd but at this point the crowd that showed up was middle of the road, not very rock n roll and I think some people showed up simply because it was a free night out. Watching how sexed up some people got while listening to the band was quite funny too because there was alot o’ ass grinding & dry humping going on during much of the bands set which proved rock n roll is still sexy in Maryland after a few beers!

Buckcherry always deliver a high energy rock n roll show and the crowd left feeling charged, pumped and a bit tipsy....

Author: Bob Suehs