Aug 30, 2013

American Head Charge - H.O.R.

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August 30, 2013

White Marsh, MD

House of Rock

Before I start this review I have to question WHY the House of Rock refused to promote this show on their marquee.....the marquee had the week prior’s events still listed when they should have advertised “American Head Charge - Aug 30” so passers by would know what was happening there. The end result of bad advertising was a very low turn out.

As usual there were several local openers on the bill so I made it a point to arrive shortly before the national acts would take the stage and first up was Minneapolis based Gabriel & The Apocalypse.

Musically Gabriel & The Apocalypse reminded me of American Head Charge on many levels yet they are also are heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson which is evident by the lead singers MM tattoo on her back!

Psychostick should have been the nights headliner because they brought the largest crowd, they were the only act which incited some pit action and the crowd loved every moment of the Psychostick set.

Once Psychostick finished their set the entire band went back to the merch table & ironically the entire crowd followed the band back there which cleared the entire room out.

American Head Charge took the stage shortly after 11 PM and I haven't seen the band since their first tour so it was a shock for me to see bassist Chad Hanks new appearance; the last time I saw Chad he was fat & looked like Uncle Fester but nowadays he’s thin & looks like GG Allin!

Set wise American Head Charge played stuff from all of their releases and they didn’t stick to the set 100% because they made a few changes onstage and instead of closing with “Rock N Roll Nigger” which was on the set list they decided to close with a crowd request for “Empathy”.

Author: Bob Suehs