Sep 27, 2013

Dope / Soil - House of Rock

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September 27, 2013

White Marsh, MD

House of Rock

The sad reality of this show was the fact that the 2 headlining acts were both suffering from bad colds which hindered their performances and in the case of Soil forced them to cut their set a tad short.

Fast forward through all of the local openers and just after 9 PM Soil took the stage for a strong set of ass kickin’ hard rock but when Ryan McCombs grabbed the mic to scream the opening notes of the first song it was apparent that he was not feeling well. Ryan told the crowd that he felt like shit but was going to give them a rock show regardless and he did a solid job until the bitter end.

Sound wise Soil were intense and their set was short yet it was clearly the strongest set of the night because musically they sounded great despite Ryan’s cold getting the best of him.

“Halo” was the last song in Soil’s set and despite illness Ryan went into the crowd to sing “Halo” with the first thought was he should have stayed on the stage because he was clearly sick & spreading his sickness to his fans but oddly enough no one cared and the crowd surrounded Ryan while he sang directly to them in the pit!

Dope were the nights headliner and long time Dope fans will probably agree with me when I say that at this point the band is more or less Edsil’s solo project because with Virus no longer on guitar the “band” is simply interchangeable members who back Edsil.

The fun factoid for this night was that they played primarily older material & “Debonair” was included in the set but “Now or Never” was omitted.

Edsil had a cold which made his performance a tad less animated and he joked that he was going to “drink” his cold away but after one beer he quickly aborted that attempt.

The current version of Dope sounds decent but the new members lack the persona and intensity of previous Dope line ups.


Author: Bob Suehs