Oct 10, 2013

Soil - Interview

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An interview with SOiL bassist Tim King  

Rock N Roll Experience conducted a sit down interview with Tim King of SOiL when the band performed at the House of Rock in White Marsh, Maryland on September 27, 2013.

Tim is a very chill guy and talking to him before & after the interview it was clear that the man loves music. Our post interview conversation ranged from Katy Perry to Motley Crue & Death metal....it was everything music and Tim impressed me with his knowledge of heavy music....we bonded very well with this topic.

Rock N Roll Experience: What made you put SOiL back together because the band was gone for a little while.

Tim: We never really went away per say, we had some line up changes I mean after Ryan had left the band we were kinda like, what do we do? Do we quit? Do we keep on making music? We were like, well, we still burn & we still feel like there’s some mileage left on the car so we kept on going with another singer AJ that we had recruited & we did 2 albums with him & they were really good records in their own right. It was a departure from the SOiL sound because Ryan’s voice was definitely the signature of the band for so long but we did ok with those records & then AJ and our old drummer quit the band and left me & Adam just kind of hanging out in the wind stuck with all the bills and everything like that. What we did was, we assembled some friends of ours just to kind of finish some live shows and things we had booked & we kept them in the band for a little bit to fulfill dates so we didn’t let anybody down. It was actually kind of cool because it was more of a SOiL & Friends type of thing but after we finished the commitments for that me & Adam had started talking to Ryan again and we talked about putting the band together with him in the band and we started capping off those old songs and it just felt real again. We’ve been going strong ever since.

Rock N Roll Experience: Is your record label backing you like labels used to when you started?

Tim: The whole scene has completely changed, we are doing alot of it ourselves & one of the lucky things is that a band like ours has been around for so long that you don’t need tour support, you don’t need some of the things that up and coming bands that are brand new need. It’s still tough in this day and age, I miss Clive Davis.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you still keep in touch with the guys from The Union Underground?

Tim: To be honest with you, Patrick came out to our show in San Antonio and me & him have been close friends all along, our common bond of Motley Crue kinda made us hit it off instantly. Bryan Scott...when we were having problems with the new incarnation of the SOiL line up, me, Adam, Bryan Scott, Jason Todd who used to be in Shinedown and Craig (Drummer from Black Label Society) did a little project together and recorded some songs and they still have not seen the light of day. I don’t know what we will do with them because it would be kind of cool to get them out there but we did a little project together and the answer to that is yes, we are still tight with the Union guys....me & John Moyer, ever since he joined Disturbed, I always see him alot because he’s in Chicago alot & I love those guys.

Rock N Roll Experience: What was the name of the project you did with Bryan?

Tim: We had like a working title for it & then we just never really came up with anything because we never really got to that stage other than just writing 4 or 5 songs.

Rock N Roll Experience: What kind of music was the project..what did it sound like?

Tim: It was like SOiL meets The Union Underground basically.....it was cool

Rock N Roll Experience: Does Bryan Scott still do music?

Tim: He’s in a band called Cult to Follow & they are really awesome, they have released a few things digitally but I don’t know anything further than that....the thing with Bryan is he does alot of producing and alot of studio work so he keeps really busy with that & makes alot more money with that than he would being in a band so that’s kinda of his thing.

Author: Bob Suehs