Oct 18, 2013

Nine Inch Nails - Verizon Center

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Washington, DC

Verizon Center

When Trent Rezner sang “Doesn’t it make you feel better?” which is a line taken from “March of the Pigs” it was easy to answer....”YES!!!!”. The current 2013 NIN tour kicked DC’s ass with a full on spectacle of sound and light which this town has never experienced in this manner before.

The opening act was a tragically boring band that sat down to play in almost total darkness while a large movie projector played movies behind them...this was a great time to hit up the restrooms, buy a beer or check out the merch tables simply because you were not missing a thing if you didn’t see the opening act!

Once the opener was finished a large black curtain was raised in order to hide the spectacular stage show which was being assembled and put into place so NIN could start.

Trent shed his heroin chic looks for a healthier muscular look and his backing band was an impressive array of musicians who brought to life the music of NIN...this is actually one of the best NIN live shows you will ever see both in production & music so I would highly advise anyone reading this to make sure to see this spectacle in an arena setting!

The overall production had to cost Trent a fortune because the lights move & reconfigure for almost every song and the backdrops, the projections, the lasers, the lights...it’s almost Vegas-like in some forms yet also very dance club/rave like too with the “rock show” theme in there as well....this show was more impressive than a KISS concert and it didn’t even utilize pyro!

I was a tad surprised to see Trent bring out 2 female back up singers who stayed onstage all night singing back up vocals...this added a Bowie feel in my opinion.

What I did notice was the lack of crowd interaction from Trent...the man says few words and when he does talk it seems as if he’s not comfortable addressing the crowd...towards the end of the show he told a story about how he was so happy to be in DC again because he remembers the first time they ever played DC was at the old 9:30 Club and he joked that they played so horribly that they never thought they’d be in DC again!

Every song features a different stage configuration and every song IS a completely different vibe in both sound and vision which makes the 2013 NIN live show an absolute experience!

“Wish” was my personal favorite because it was probably the heaviest song of the night & it was a nice variation from the dance beats & slower material that the band played in spurts.

The first set was closed out with “Head Like a Hole” and that song still packs alot of punch despite it’s age....it still sounds fresh & new!

The encore opened with “The Day The World Went Away” & closed with “Hurt” which was haunting & beautiful.

This was the most unique rock show I’ve ever experienced and the light show will take you places that you’ve never been before at a live rock show...the multi layered onstage screens give a very 3D feel to the onstage performance and this review can never give the actual experience of being at the show....this is a show you must experience to understand!



Author: Bob Suehs