Oct 26, 2013

Camp Freddy - 9:30 Club

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Washington, DC

9:30 Club

Set List:

“Are You Gonna Go My Way?” (Donovan Leitch vocals)

“I Ran” (Donovan Leitch vocals)

“Hard To Handle” (Frankie Perez vocals)

“Immigrant Song” (Frankie Perez vocals)

“Killing In The Name Of” (Mark McGrath vocals)

“Pretty Vacant” (Mark McGrath vocals)

“Rock N Roll All Nite” (Mark McGrath vocals)

“Wonderwall” (Billy Morrison vocals)

“Mountain Song” (Sebastian Bach vocals)

“Sweet Child o’ Mine” (Sebastian Bach vocals)

“Highway To Hell” (Sebastian Bach vocals)

“Voodoo Chile” (Zakk Wylde vocals/guitar)

“War Pigs” (Zakk Wylde vocals/guitar)

“N.I.B.” (Zakk Wylde vocals/guitar)

“Vasoline” (Scott Weiland vocals)

“Jean Genie” (Scott Weiland vocals)

“Surrender” (Scott Weiland vocals)

“Roadhouse Blues” (Scott Weiland vocals)

These songs are all iconic rock classics that cover 30 years of modern rock music & the players onstage were all members of legendary rock bands...Camp Freddy is an all star jam band that primarily plays California when it’s collective core are off tour & have time to jam. It’s rare that the band ever plays East Coast dates which is why this was such a special evening for music fans in the DC/Maryland area!

The night kicked off with The Surreal McCoy's who reminded me of The Refreshments just a tad & the bulk of the band took the stage in drag wearing ski masks!

Camp Freddy took the stage just after 10 PM and the show opened with Donovan Leitch giving the crowd a small Halloween speech which led directly into the bands cover of “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” my Lenny Kravitz.

Sound wise the show was loud as shit yet clear as a bell. Zakk Wylde had the loudest guitar tone of the night.....he played so loud that it almost pushed you away from the front of the stage but more on that part of the set in a moment.

Donovan handled the first 2 songs of the night & then handed the mic to Franky Perez who did a great job covering Black Crowes (I know it’s an Otis Redding song!) & Led Zeppelin respectively but I’ll be honest and admit that I had no clue who Franky Perez was until this night!

The show kicked into high gear when Mark McGrath took the stage for what was probably the easiest songs of the night & yet the most anthemic of them all!

Mark joked that he was the guy up there who didn’t fit because he wasn’t part of that “rock” world but if you followed Sugar Ray’s early years you would know that Mark used to sing metal back in the day and in my opinion he nailed the 3 songs he did with “Pretty Vacant” being my personal favorite!

When Billy Morrison sang “Wonderwall” the room’s energy dropped just a tad but if you looked on the balcony to stage right you saw Zakk Wylde standing there watching the entire song!

Sebastian Bach’s 3 song set was next & this was where things went crazy because the energy went through the roof when Bach took the stage!

Bach had the lyrics taped to the floor for his songs and he can still get the crowd going with enthusiasm and charisma despite the fact that he is a cliche of his old self at this point and he even joked that he was going as an 80’s hair metal guy for Halloween!

After Bach’s set he hung on the side of the stage for the rest of the night smoking a joint, drinking & partying while the rest of the show went on.

Zakk Wylde is the mother-f**kin’ barbarian of metal....when he took the stage he controlled it from start to finish & from my vantage point Navarro looked a little bored because ALL of the guitar playing was primarily done by Wylde! Navarro did play a few random leads but Wylde’s playing overpowered everyone up there and the members of Camp Freddy seemed a tad bored as Zakk played extended solo’s & literally took over the stage for his nearly 20 minute set!

After Zakk it was over....right? WRONG! Scott Weiland was the special surprise guest of the night & to my surprise he was sober and sounded damn good. He looked healthy & he owned the 4 songs he sang....the original closer was “L.A. Woman” but they changed it to “Roadhouse Blues” shortly before the band took the stage.

Matt Sorum wasn’t part of this show...Josh Freese filled in on drums and there was speculation that it was due in part to Weiland being on the bill although there was no confirmation of that.

At the end of the night all of the “guests” took the stage to take a bow but the bow never actually happened because Weiland got sidetracked shaking hands with the crowd & as you can see in the pic I posted it was a bit confusing & the collective band members all walked offstage without doing their bow together.

All in all this was definitely the best show for 2013 in the DC/Maryland area as far as I’m concerned because it was a kick ass set of non stop hits & the band sounded amazing! Living on the East Coast it’s rare to see a jam band like this who’s collective members are ALL rock stars in their own right.




Author: Bob Suehs