Nov 2, 2013

Metallica, Ceelo Green, Roses Unread & more

Metallica, Ceelo Green, Roses Unread & more!

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”Through The Never” (Music From The Motion Picture)

A few weeks back I caught the Metallica movie in stunning Imax 3D and the accompanying audio for the movie was just as amazing as the movie itself. When I received a copy of the soundtrack for review I was quite impressed with the fact that the soundtrack stands up just as well as the movie itself if you are a die hard Metallica fan!

The packaging is pretty cool because it’s a multi-fold out piece of art and this 2 disc set sounds amazing. It captures the essence of a live Metallica show 100% and what I dig about this record is that it sounds “live”. I don’t believe there’s any heavy overdubs because if you listen close you can hear the human qualities to the live show...there’s minor flubs, noises & “things” that make it sound legit and real as opposed to many of the “live” records you buy which are technically “live” in the studio because they’ve been “fixed” in the studio to cover up the flaws!

“Creeping Death” kicks off disc #1 and the set is an interesting mix of older gems with a few newer ones tossed in while disc #2 opens with “Cyanide” which is the only song off the “Death Magnetic” record.

What I like about the soundtrack is the fact that you get the complete song...what I mean by that is, in the movie they cut off many songs in order to piece in the “movie/acting” moments of the film so this soundtrack gives the fans a “Complete” track as opposed to “pieces” which is often times the case when you see the movie because they chop out some of the best instrumental moments in order to tell the story.

Metallica is my generations Led Zeppelin and at this point there isn’t too much they have yet to accomplish.


”Loberace - Live in Vegas” dvd

Ceelo Green gained popularity on a major level thanks in part to the TV show “The Voice” which features Green as a judge alongside several other notable pop singers BUT Green has been in the music business for just around 10 years now and his latest release is a dvd entitled “Loberace”.

This dvd is a fun little Vegas styled show that Ceelo put together but the flaw with the show is that you can’t see a backing band which makes me assume that the music is all pre-taped. Dancing, music, special guests, glitter, diamonds & flash....all a huge part of this concert film and the highlight is probably something you’d never expect.....BOY GEORGE!

Boy George has a cameo where he comes out & sings 3 songs but to be honest with you, I didn’t think it was really Boy George at first because he comes out dressed as he did back in the day and it almost looks like an impersonator!

“Forget You” is the closer for this dvd and it’s interesting to note that Ceelo never says the actual lyrics which are “F**k You”..he allows the crowd to say it during every verse!

My only complaint would be Ceelo’s cover of “Need You Tonight” because he can’t hold a candle to INXS’s version but I give him an E for effort.



Gory killings, an interesting story line, yet still low key & just a bit different than all the slick Hollywood horror movies out there today...that’s how I’d describe “Murder University” because it’s a quirky film that tells the tale of a young man who’s dad was caught up in a ritualistic cult that terrorized a local college. I won’t give away all the gruesome secrets & plots in this movie, I’ll simply say the ending is interesting and the directors did a damn good job with the production & writing!



Musically Roses Unread are heavy with a melodic edge and I’d describe them as Lacuna Coil meets Taproot because their guitar tone is very similar to Taproot while the vocals bring to mind Lacuna Coil simply because the band has a female vocalist who can sing & the music is still heavy despite the lack of screaming.

“Supertaint” has really tight rhythm and it’s got a really commercial feel to it which makes it instantly memorable.

“Without a Name” is a 6 minute epic that closes out the record and overall I like the bands approach to song writing, they play hard and they sound really tight.



This is a re-issued/re-mastered release from Kommandant and the band is straight up black metal with NO ballads, NO mellow moments & NO shit...this is just pure, straight up, heavy as shit metal which was created to scare your neighbors!

What’s cool about this record is you can literally play any track besides the intro & outro and you will get the same aggression, same anger, same angst.....this is a vile record and I mean that in the best way possible because from start to finish the aggression never lets up.

Fans of Venom & Slayer will dig this record!

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Author: Bob Suehs