Nov 2, 2013

KMFDM - Rams Head Live



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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

KMFDM Set List: Sucks, Kunst, Amnesia, Ave Maria, Light, Pussy Riot, I Love Not, Free Your Hate, Potz, Tohuvabohu, Son of a Gun, Rebels In Kontrol, Hau Ruck, A Drug Against War, Animal Out, Krank, ENCORE:  DIY, Megalomaniac, Anarchy

German Industrial pioneers KMFDM played Rams Head Live on November 2, 2013 and the show itself was amazing but I was a tad surprised that the venue was only around 1/2 filled with the entire upstairs of the club being closed off.

The opening act sounded good but my issue with the act was simply this: The only “live” instruments onstage were the drums & vocals....a live guitar or bass would have added balls to what the band did and I felt a tad insulted watching live vocals/drums while the rest of the “music” was all pre-taped..this was a rock show and while I completely understand that industrial music isn’t about “live” instruments onstage I always feel a tad cheated if too much of the “music” is pre-taped onstage.

KMFDM owned the crowd and this was the largest venue I’ve personally seen the band play....their light show was consuming while their music was the perfect mix of metal madness meets dance hall heaven.

Sascha is an interesting guy because he’s been in the music business for years yet outside the world of KMFDM he’s still not that well known despite releasing tons o’ music & being a “somebody” in the music world.

Female vocalist Lucia Cifarelli was in the band Drill and is Sascha’s wife....her onstage presence adds alot to the KMFDM live show & her voice is very unique.

For me personally the element that makes KMFDM so interesting is the live guitars of Steve & Jules because that part of the band is the “metal” element & those 2 do a kick ass job of defining the bands live sound!

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Author: Bob Suehs