Nov 27, 2013

Rob Zombie - 9:30 Club



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Washington, DC

9:30 Club

Rob Zombie Set List:  Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown , Superbeast, Scum of the Earth, Living Dead Girl, The Star-Spangled Banner, We're an American Band, Drum Solo, More Human Than Human, Meet the Creeper, Sick Bubble-Gum, House of 1000 Corpses, Never Gonna Stop, Am I Evil?, Thunder Kiss '65, Guitar Solo, Lords of Salem, Dragula

This particular show was a quite fitting way for Rob and company to end their 2013 Winter tour because they ended the exact way Rob a small club with the show being all about music due to limited stage space for theatrics, pyro and all of the trappings that a Zombie show is usually known for.

At this point in his career Rob Zombie has actually surpassed his idol Alice Cooper in terms of accomplishments and stature in pop culture; Rob has managed to break out of the music world and write/direct major motion pictures which pushes the Zombie brand into new territories. Every Rob Zombie film has been a cinematic work of art and each film features his quirky sense of humor alongside gory horror themes.

Scar the Martyr opened this show and they were average generic metal. Joey Jordison is the only reason to see Scar the Martyr live because you can see Joey up close and without the mask BUT I will warn you that Joey has changed a bit since the last time he was visible without the Slipknot suit/mask. Joey has clearly gained alot of weight and the muscle shirt he wore on this night showed his large flubby arms while his jogging pants and tight T-shirt showed a big belly which is the complete opposite of the rail thin Joey from just a few years back. Joey Jordison’s beard made him look more like a member of The Supersuckers compared to how he previously looked in his horror-glam phase. Joey appeared to have a cold this night as well because he was spitting non stop & wiping his nose on his wrist bands and while I was a tad harsh on Mr. Jordison’s appearance I’ll admit that his drumming was spot on and he proved why he was chosen to be a touring member of Ministry, Satyricon & Rob Zombie’s band at various points in his career.....Joey’s drumming is heavy as hell and he’d underrated on many levels because you can’t always see him on the Slipknot stage.

Scar the Martyr’s set was interesting....every song was the same sonic roar of thunder & crash with heaviness at every turn BUT the music was just forgettable and this band won’t last long due to Joey being the only reason to even see the band live.

45 minutes of Scar the Martyr was more than enough and then the stage was cleared for the Astrocreep & his Hellbilly’s!

The Rob Zombie stage featured a huge King Kong backdrop with various horror images scattered about the stage. Other than a few mic stand/clothing changes the core of the show was all about the band and the music with no frills/production.

The show opened fast & furious with a song off Mr. Zombie’s most recent release and with this being the night before Thanksgiving the crowd was lively and rowdy with moshing, crowd surfing and drunken fights breaking out randomly throughout the show.

John 5 commented early in the set that he didn’t know how to play a club show anymore because he was so used to playing larger shows with Rob and that comment stuck out to me just a tad because I remember seeing John 5 with Marilyn Manson through the years. John had played the 9:30 Club many times with way more energy, enthusiasm and a lust for his playing....John seemed a tad lackluster on this night and I did wonder if the small stage comment was a factor in his limited enthusiasm on this night.

Rob and the boys took the stage at 9:30 PM and were finished by 10:45 PM sharp....the set list was tweaked just a tad but pretty similar to what they’ve been performed for most of the “Night of the Living Dreads” tour with Korn right down to his Diamondhead cover of “Am I Evil?” which Rob introduced as “A song that nobody knows unless you bought the Metallica cover record.”

If you were at the show and looked stage right you saw Sheri Moon Zombie in the balcony watching Rob and the boys. Towards the middle of the set Rob & John 5 were tossing large balloons back and forth to Sheri which made Rob comment “Jesus, the crowd paid their hard earned money to watch John 5 toss balls around!”.

Watching a Rob Zombie live show... whether it’s the large arena spectacle or a stripped down small club show, you always leaves exhausted because Rob and his band deliver a high energy rock show chock full o’ hits. A big part of Rob’s successful is easy to figure out...he’s the average guy who never went “Hollywood” despite his success. Rob clearly remembers what it’s like to be a rock fan and he’s never put up too many walls between himself and his fans. That last comment was evident upon checking out the merch booth on this night because you could buy limited edition/hand signed event posters (limited to 300) for $25, you could buy a hand signed copy of the hardback book “Lords of Salem” for $20, you could buy a hand signed copy of Rob’s latest record on vinyl for $20, they had “Rob Zombie One Night only @ 9:30 Club” shirts which were only sold at this show for $35....the merch table was a fan’s dream because they actually sold cool stuff you could only buy at this show and it offered the fans something “special” as opposed to the generic merch most bands sell at every show.



Author: Bob Suehs