Dec 4, 2013

Halestorm - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

Halestorm rocked a sold out crowd at Rams Head Live on December 4, 2013 and it’s no big surprise that the show was a fast paced rock explosion that left the crowd exhausted by the end of the night!

Halestorm have played the Maryland area since their humble beginnings and Lzzy commented that the Baltimore crowd was always good to Halestorm. She said the Maryland area was different than where they are from in Pennsylvania...she made reference to the fact that there were “things” in Maryland that you couldn’t get where they were from and as someone who’s been fortunate enough to witness Halestorm grow up over the years I can safely say that the band has found themselves, figured out who they are, and their talent truly shines when they perform live.

Lzzy’s the hottest girl in rock n roll simply because she’s not just all looks; she’s got a killer voice, can play guitar and she exudes the girl next door quality coupled with a natural kind of beauty that you don’t see in rock n roll these days.

The set started fast with “Love Bites” being the 2nd song of the night and towards the middle of the set they tossed out 2 covers (Judas Priest & Fleetwood Mac) from their latest cover record. “Gold Dust Woman” sounded superb but I will admit that I like Hole’s version a tad better simply because it’s a bit more “punk” sounding whereas Halestorm stuck more to the original which says alot for Halestorm because they didn’t try to mess with perfection!

Towards the middle of the set the core of the band left the stage and an extended drum solo took place....while it was interesting for a few minutes I will admit that it got a tad boring after a minute or so & this was the perfect moment for a bathroom break or beer run!

There were 2 encores on this night and the show ended with “Here’s To Us” which actually sounded amazing. The irony is that I hated this song when it first came out. I felt like “Here’s To Us” was a watered down version of Halestorm and a “sell-out” track to garner radio air play BUT when you see the band perform the track live it actually makes sense & you realize it’s a good song that DOES have balls when performed live!

Lzzy commented that she’d had a cold for a few weeks and she wanted to thank Steve Whiteman from KIX who taught her everything he knew as far as singing goes. What many people in attendance didn’t realize was that Steve & Jimmy from KIX were actually there and it was kind of funny when I was leaving because Whiteman was exiting at that moment I was and some random drunk girl screamed “Oh My God, It’s Steve Whiteman!” and he looked at her, then looked away very quickly and headed for his car!



Author: Bob Suehs