Dec 6, 2013

Sponge / Spacehog - Soundstage

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Baltimore, MD


This show WAS a “real” rock was ALL live with NO samples, NO tracks, and NO shit....ALL instruments were played live onstage and the music was rock n roll in it’s purest, rawest form!

I arrived when Sponge were doing their line check and it was awesome to walk into the club hearing the riffs of “Wax Ecstatic” being played because you don’t hear that song too often.

Vin and the boys took the stage at 9 PM and they opened with “Wax Ecstatic” which was followed by “Rotting Piñata” and the bands hour long set kept the pace fast for the most part with “Molly” & “Have You Seen Mary” being the only slower songs of the night.

Vin is the bastard child of Scott Weiland & Iggy Pop....he’s got star quality and vocal chops which should have propelled his career much further than it currently is. Sponge’s first record had several hits but sadly the band never went as far as STP or Alice in Chains who were from the same era as Sponge.

Vin’s backing band (Sponge) are tight as hell and if you enjoy “real” rock n roll Sponge is a band you need to check out. Bands today don’t do it like Sponge do it....the “Detroit” quality of Sponge is hard to explain but they have the Motor city vibe in all that they’s a working class quality that seems to make them work hard onstage and they sounded amazing on this night despite the small crowd in attendance.

That’s something I want to touch on briefly....I saw the Bulletboys a few months back and the band cut their set short due to lack of attendance whereas Sponge played a kick ass, solid, hour long set regardless of how many people there were or weren’t in attendance. When fans pay their hard earned money to see you play PLEASE give them their moneys worth regardless of the crowd size because if you don’t give those in attendance a decent show the next time you play that town there will be even fewer people there.

Sponge tossed in a cover of the Speed Racer theme and they closed their set off with “Plowed”. Honestly I would have enjoyed another hour of Sponge onstage BUT they had to clear the stage for the nights headliner Spacehog.

I had no expectations for Spacehog because I never really followed them and I was at this show primarily for Sponge. When Spacehog took the stage I’ll admit I was impressed with their proper English style and their sound was stunning. When Spacehog played “Mungo City” I was hooked!

Spacehog are a mix of 70’s glitter rock married with 90’s alt rock...they are David Bowie and T-Rex meets Sonic Youth and Pearl Jam.

Spacehog impressed the hell out of me with their sound and playing because it was 100% live onstage, the vocals were awesome and the players on that stage created a style of rock that you rarely see in this era. Sponge / Spacehog was honestly an amazing rock n roll show and I’ll admit that I left feeling satisfied because my lust for real rock n roll was fulfilled on this night!

Spacehog made one comment during their set that summed up the weather on this night...they joked that “The weather outside is awful...we thought we’d left this shit behind when we left England!” and they said that because it was dreary, cold as hell, and raining.

Author: Bob Suehs