Dec 13, 2013

All That Remains / Asking Alexandria - Rams Head Live

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Baltimore, MD

Rams Head Live

ALL THAT REMAINS Set List: Down, Some of the People, Stand Up, Tremble, For We Are Many, This Calling, What If I Was Nothing, Asking, Last Time, Six, Air, Hold On, 2 Weeks

Billed as “98 Rock’s Not So Silent Night” concert this show featured 5 bands with Asking Alexandria co-headlining alongside All That Remains.

Two local bands opened the show and Devour the Day were 3rd on the bill. Devour The Day were ok but the sound mix was muddy and made their set a tad messy.

Asking Alexandria were the kiddies choice this night and it was interesting to watch the band trying to re-create a “Wall of Death” in the crowd yet many of the kids didn’t seem to understand what it even was. Asking Alexandria played a solid set but I’ll admit they lack melody and most of their set came off like one continuos song aka it was the same noise pretty much non stop until their last song!

98 Rock Morning show DJ’s “Justin, Scott & Spiegel” took the stage to introduce All That Remains and this was where the show kicked into high gear because All That Remains sounded great, they brought energy to the stage and their songs were solid.

The 3rd song of the night featured a local guitarist who won a contest on 98 Rock to Shred with the band and he did a great job onstage.

It’s interesting how All That Remains almost always plays a Maryland show towards the end of every tour they do and this one was bitter suite for the band considering it was sold out!

When the show ended the entire band came out to meet fans inside the venue and afterwards we partied with Jason at the bar next door till closing time....I can’t divulge what happened after the show BUT All That Remains live the rock n roll lifestyle for sure!




Author: Bob Suehs