May 14, 2011

Gary Cherone - Interview 2011


Gary Cherone interviewed at the 2011 M3 Rock Fest!

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Rock N Roll Experience: What does the name Hurtsmile mean?

Gary Cherone: It's actually a childhood term that Mark & I did just growing up, long story short, you know we'd go out & play football & someone would get hurt & fall down and the other kids would make fun of them & they'd have this little fake smile, so I thought it was a good name, they liked it.

Rock N Roll Experience: Why didn't you call the band "My Sharona" since there's 2 Cherones in the band?

Gary Cherone: That's a better name...actually what would be funny is if we covered the song "My Sharona"

Rock N Roll Experience: Would you really cover that song?

Gary Cherone: What, "My Sherona"? Yeah, I love that song!

Rock N Roll Experience: So is Extreme done now?

Gary Cherone: No, No, No...Nuno is on the road with Rihanna & he's on the road till the end of the year & we'll start up next year, write some music & I'm sure we'll be hitting some shows.

Rock N Roll Experience: What do you think about Nuno playing with Rihanna?

Gary Cherone: Is this interview long enough? (laughs) No,'s great...I saw the show & it's a great show, Nuno brings alot to that show & he gets some spots that you wouldn't think that he would get so he brings whatever that little quality that Nuno has, he brings to the table, but he'll be back, he's coming home next year.

Rock N Roll Experience: Do you still talk to Eddie Van Halen at all?

Gary Cherone: No, I don't keep in touch with Eddie, we've kinda weaned over the past few years but I still keep in touch with Michael & I'm happy for him, Eddie's doing a record with David & I'm as big a fan as anyone else, I'm looking forward to the new material...I'll be out there, I'll buy the record.

Rock N Roll Experience: I'm just going to go with it & ask a question that everyone tip toes around but won't ask, can I ask about your sexuality....are you gay or bi?

Gary Cherone: I'm straight....I'm very neat (laughs), well, I usually hear when someone dances or grooves...people have their opinion & that's just some of those macho Van Halen fans, the Dave fans are making fun of me & Sammy & vice versa....

Rock N Roll Experience: Don't forget the Nuno fans (laughs)

Gary Cherone: Yeah...

Rock N Roll Experience: You've been quite for this entire interview, what are you standing there thinking about?

Joe: I was thinking about roasting pumpkin seeds on Halloween

Gary Cherone: That's actually good (laughs)

Joe: I didn't know if you wanted me to jump in while you were talking about Gary's sexuality.

Gary Cherone: I think you should ask Joe about his sexuality!

Rock N Roll Experience: Pumpkin seeds huh? (everyone laughs) Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater!

Gary Cherone: That's a very effeminate seed

Joe: But in a macho way!

Rock N Roll Experience: "Unchained" by Eddie Van Halen, huh? (laughs)

Joe: That's one of the best riffs ever! He's the king! He's pretty good!

Rock N Roll Experience: Are there any bands you're looking forward to seeing today?

Gary Cherone: I saw KIX last night & they were tremendous, Extreme's played with KIX a few times & I love the singer (Steve Whiteman), Mr. Big are on now, I wanna check out Mr. Big and I wanna see White Snake..I wanna see Coverdale!


Author: Bob Suehs